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Fact or Fiction: The Nats And Developing Pitchers

Don: Joseph Goebbels is quoted for saying If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. And there are claims made and repeated often enough that they come to be accepted … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Who Is the Backup First Baseman?

Don: So lets talk about who the backup first baseman should be. I think we both agree that someone new needs to brought in to take the bulk of the At Bats. But who should the back-up be. Steve: Sounds … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Lineup Protection? How Valuable Is It? Part 1 of ???

Don: As you know I used to be able to download the MLB Game Day data. Something changed at the beginning of 2019 and it stopped working. Well, thanks to having time due to retiring, I think I just figured out my … Continue reading

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Do the Nats band-aid 2021 and then go all in with money in 2022?

Nationals Source- The real question for the Nats is do they want to band-aid 2021 and go all in with money in 2022… or sign the big one this year. Steve – I have wondered the same if you step back … Continue reading

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Point-Counterpoint: Starting Pitching #Nats

Ray: Everyone loves the long ball, but Starting Pitching is what brings home the hardware.  Ten minutes of listening to the pundits on MLB Radio will invariably lead to the discussion that the Angels MUST make a dramatic addition to … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Kris Bryant

Don: OK Steve, let’s continue our discussion of upgrading the offense. I think we both agree that neither George Springer or Marcell Ozuna are going to be signed by Rizzo. Steve: Overall, Ozuna looks to be a very expensive designated hitter — … Continue reading

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Point-Counterpoint on the #Nats off-season spending or the lack thereof!

We are joined by Richard W. of The Nats Report. We did this point-counterpoint from last week as we discuss off-season spending. Steve: Thanks Richard for joining us. It did not take a genius to figure out in these difficult … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Upgrading the Nats Offense

Welcome to our first Point-CounterPoint post where Steve debates a topic with someone. This idea grew out of emails that Steve and I regularly exchange on ideas I have that I am not sure I should post. Our first topic is how … Continue reading

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