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The Travel Travails of Jackson Rutledge

This short Point-CounterPoint is a lightly edited Twitter DM exchange between Don and Steve that occurred after Jackson Rutledge‘s last start. Looks like Rutledge has a traveling issue 😃. The former 1st round pick (17th overall) of the Washington Nationals … Continue reading

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A visit to watch the FCL Nats

My boy and I had a chance to visit the FCL Nats Friday and watch them drop a 7-0 game to the Marlins. The most impressive aspect of the game was the Marlins infield defense. Watching their 3B, and especially … Continue reading

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Learning More About Nationals #1 Prospect Robert Hassell III

A huge part of the haul that the Washington Nationals received for Juan Soto was the Padres №1 prospect, OF Robert Hassell III in that blockbuster trade that yielded five top players to the Nats. These are players we will … Continue reading

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The Glimmers You May Not Have Noticed

Amidst this lost season, we’ve watched TalkNats faithful transform like never before into avid followers of the farm. For years, Luke Erickson at Nationals Prospects has lit the lamp with “Last Night in Hagerstown,” and “Good, Bad, Interesting” takes merging … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Nationals’ prospect haul from the 2022 Trade Deadline

Every day has its inevitable ending, some that strands the occupants of the surrounding world in complete and total darkness. This day can be seen in the Washington Nationals and their era of contending in the MLB. While trading Max … Continue reading

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Soto/Bell Return Poll

Assuming the deal goes down as is (i.e., no Hosmer), please weigh in by voting and comments on what you think of the return.

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Trade Deadline discussion 2022

We are just three days and eight hours from the 2022 MLB Trade Deadline. If you believe the rumors, the Washington Nationals will trade both Juan Soto and Josh Bell by the deadline. The return on any trades of this … Continue reading

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Nationals’ Minor League Organizational All-Stars 2022

Even though the season has been subpar for the Nationals, that does not mean that everything is terrible for the organization. In fact, the minor league affiliates are far more successful than seasons past and have seen numerous players performing … Continue reading

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What could the #Nats realistically get in a Juan Soto trade?

At this point, it’s the worst-kept secret in baseball that the Washington Nationals are at least taking offers on Juan Soto. In fact, to hear some “insiders” tell it, he’s all but out the door within the week, with the … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals 2022 Draft Wrap-Up

The Major League Draft can be overwhelming for fans as they watch their favorite team draft 20 players over the course of three days. Anyone who watched the draft broadcast on days two and three saw players picked at lightning … Continue reading

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