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What could the #Nats realistically get in a Juan Soto trade?

At this point, it’s the worst-kept secret in baseball that the Washington Nationals are at least taking offers on Juan Soto. In fact, to hear some “insiders” tell it, he’s all but out the door within the week, with the … Continue reading

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Pick Two Free Agents for the Nats!

UPDTED: Assuming that there will be an agreed upon CBA,  Now that we have a new CBA, if you are general manager Mike Rizzo and want the Nationals to be competitive in 2022, pick two free agent players you would … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Kris Bryant

Don: OK Steve, let’s continue our discussion of upgrading the offense. I think we both agree that neither George Springer or Marcell Ozuna are going to be signed by Rizzo. Steve: Overall, Ozuna looks to be a very expensive designated hitter — … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Upgrading the Nats Offense

Welcome to our first Point-CounterPoint post where Steve debates a topic with someone. This idea grew out of emails that Steve and I regularly exchange on ideas I have that I am not sure I should post. Our first topic is how … Continue reading

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A different way of thinking about a pitching staff!

The Tampa Bay Rays won’t make the playoffs. The historic excellence of the Boston Red Sox, as well as the great play of the second-place New York Yankees, has seen to that. But it’s undeniable that the Rays have done … Continue reading

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Nats News & Notes| The Draft, The Bullpen, Ryan Zimmerman

THE DRAFT Today is the first day of the 2017 MLB amateur draft. The Nationals first pick is at number 25 which some believe never gets you top talent. Au contraire, Mike Trout was a 25th overall pick and so … Continue reading

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Any room on the roster for an NRI? The picture for the Nats’ last spots is becoming clear

The week was certainly an eventful one for the Washington Nationals. The United States won the World Baseball Classic, with Nats pitcher Tanner Roark and second baseman Daniel Murphy contributing to the effort. Outfielder Michael A. Taylor missed a few … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo and Valerie Camillo host a #Nats Hot Stove event

A fun night at the #Nats #HotStove! — Erika (@UVAHooGirl) January 26, 2017 While I enjoy hearing all of the changes coming to Nats Park and getting a sneak peek at some of the giveaways, the second half of … Continue reading

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New numbers and protocols for Lucas Giolito and the intangibles for the team

Secrets are hard to keep on the big news, and the Nationals players found out on Sunday in Milwaukee that Lucas Giolito was going to be called up, and TalkNats reported that news also on Sunday on this blog and … Continue reading

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The future of shortstop for the #Nats

There’s been some discussion recently of the earliest date that Trea Turner could be called up and not reach a full year of service time (172 days) by the end of this season.  The various people who have weighed in … Continue reading

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