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Season Ticket Holder Benefits, Tip, Tricks, Techniques

There are a lot of pros and cons to being a Season Ticket holder (as well as just being a member with other folks in a larger group).

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Choices or No Brainer – Who do the #Nats Draft?

Don: Been a while so it seems to me that it is time for a Point-Counterpoint. I am fine with either Paul Skenes or Dylan Crews as the Nats draft pick . But I have to admit that I lean … Continue reading

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Name 4 Top Prospects who will be on the Nats 2025 Opening Day Roster

Projecting when prospects will make their first appearance on an MLB roster is far from an exact science. Some would simply use the term guessing as the most appropriate term. At the beginning of 2018 who would have projected Juan … Continue reading

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What To Look Forward To In The 2023 Nats Season

Quite a few of the articles I post here are the result of an email or Twitter DM conversation with Ghost/Steve. And this one is no exception. I suggested one on why do you like baseball and Steve suggested an … Continue reading

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Use the BaseballSavant Site to Review any Nats Game

The BaseballSavant site provides an incredible array of data and graphs. Virtually anything you want to know can be found there. I had frankly forgotten how useful it is until I stumbled upon it yesterday looking for information on Cade … Continue reading

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The Kids Really Will Love it.

On Thursday afternoon, Deuces, WTP and I visited the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy to deliver the goodies we were able to collect at the end of 2022 as described in a previous post —  The Kids Do Love It – … Continue reading

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What are your hopes for pleasant surprises for the Nats?

When Ghost has writer’s block, it is time for a DPW (Desinated Pinch Writer). This will be short and sweet.  Here are three positive Hope Fors that you can comment on.

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What Is Your Favorite Baseball Story

Time to have conversations about things more pleasant than how many games the Nationals will lose in 2023. So we’ve collected a few stories from some regulars to get the conversation started. Please comment with a favorite baseball story – … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint – The Nats Offensive Woes

It does not take any analytics to conclude that the Nats gave up too many runs and did not score nearly enough runs in 2022, or for that matter in 2021 also. So I decided to look at the stats … Continue reading

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Nationals Batters Swing and Miss Rates

Most every batter wants to only swing at pitches he can hit. Clearly some are much, much, much better at it than others. Thanks to a comment posted recently by WarningTrackPower I was able to add logic to determine if … Continue reading

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