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Breaking: Source on sale of Nats said “no sale” is current status!

Tomorrow marks the ninth month since the Lerners officially announced they would explore a sale of the Washington Nationals on April 11, 2022. The Lerner family and sports team investor, Ted Leonsis, were getting closer to an agreement on the sale … Continue reading

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The big storylines for the Nats start with the ownership situation, the draft, the farm system and the core!

For a Washington Nationals team coming off of a 107-loss season, you would not expect much excitement — or lengthy storylines. But there is plenty to talk about when your team is potentially for sale. Let’s talk about the biggest stories … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis just got a new billionaire partner, but what does that mean for the Nats?

We have known for weeks that billionaire Jeff Skoll was joining Monumental Sports & Entertainment as the 20th partner with Ted Leonsis. What we did not know was that Leonsis would pick yesterday to send out the press release for Skoll … Continue reading

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Ownership, MASN, Rizzo, roster, and free agency!

Once again, we put Ted Leonsis into our headlines yesterday as he is still the clear frontrunner to buy the Washington Nationals if the team is sold. Leonsis heads Monumental Sports & Entertainment that owns the Wizards and Capitals as … Continue reading

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The Ownership Team – Some Insights on David Rubenstein

As Steve has been reporting, it appears that Ted Leonsis will eventually be the new owner of the Nationals; or at least a significant minority partner. It has also been reported that David Rubenstein is a partner in that effort. … Continue reading

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The complicated history of Beltway baseball

Even before the Washington Nationals made the move down to Washington, D.C., there has been obvious tension between D.C. and the Baltimore Orioles. Considering how close the teams are geographically, the rivalry is bound to occur. Adding onto that, the … Continue reading

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2021 Nationals Player Grades Part 6

This is the final installment of reviewing the 2021 Washington Nationals roster. The players listed here alphabetically go from “St” to “Z”. The two longest tenured Nats players are on this part of the list: Stephen Strasburg and Ryan Zimmerman. … Continue reading

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The money, the Juan Soto contract status, and roster moves!

They say when a team is bad you cannot fire all of the players, and while that is true, the Washington Nationals will remove several players off of the roster by the time the team finishes Spring Training. The team … Continue reading

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What a transitional 2022 could look like for the Nats!

The Washington Nationals are projected to be on the hook for about $128 million in CBT payroll for next year if they roll with the players they control now and make no free agent moves. This also assumes the CBA … Continue reading

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Perspective: Mike Rizzo Did the Right Thing For the #Nats

Before saying anything else, let’s make one thing very clear: it is never easy to say goodbye. Max Scherzer and Trea Turner have meant everything to the Washington Nationals and the DC area over their respective times for the team. … Continue reading

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