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Fantasy baseball in real life does not work in building a team or wishing for a new team owner!

The New York Mets tried to play fantasy baseball with no rules and a flawed plan with their 2023 roster adding future Hall of Famer Justin Verlander to a rotation with Cooperstown-bound Max Scherzer, and an infield that looked like … Continue reading

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MASN pay-up and status of Nats ownership

It was always a question of “when” not “if” regarding the Washington Nationals getting paid for past funds owed for annual TV rights fees from MASN. Approximately $100 million was set aside by the Orioles-controlled MASN entity in escrow for … Continue reading

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Are the playoffs possible for the 2024 Nats?!?

Do you want to see how the Washington Nationals can be a playoff team next year? Look no further than the Miami Marlins as the way back to the postseason. A fun fact: The Marlins have the third best record … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo and Davey Martinez are in contract limbo!

It is no secret that the Washington Nationals and their President of Baseball Operations and GM, Mike Rizzo, and manager Dave Martinez are in their final year of their current contracts. Both got sizeable raises after they jointly won the … Continue reading

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We turn to May with 28-games in the books. How do the Nats look?

The Washington Nationals have a much better team than we thought they would have. But the record of 10-18 does not reflect how good this team has played since their 1-6 start to the season and going 9-12 since then. … Continue reading

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Mark Lerner spoke to the fans and had a lot to say!

Be seen and not heard is a mantra that many sports team owners follow. Mark Lerner has not spoken publicly for over a year. Instead he has used the written words to get his messages out to the fans. The … Continue reading

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The future of the Nats’ ownership!

Today marks the 10th month since the Lerner ownership group announced that they would be exploring a sale of the Washington Nationals. It also marks 10 full months that the Lerner ownership group has spoken publicly on their future plans. … Continue reading

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Breaking: Source on sale of Nats said “no sale” is current status!

Tomorrow marks the ninth month since the Lerners officially announced they would explore a sale of the Washington Nationals on April 11, 2022. The Lerner family and sports team investor, Ted Leonsis, were getting closer to an agreement on the sale … Continue reading

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The big storylines for the Nats start with the ownership situation, the draft, the farm system and the core!

For a Washington Nationals team coming off of a 107-loss season, you would not expect much excitement — or lengthy storylines. But there is plenty to talk about when your team is potentially for sale. Let’s talk about the biggest stories … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis just got a new billionaire partner, but what does that mean for the Nats?

We have known for weeks that billionaire Jeff Skoll was joining Monumental Sports & Entertainment as the 20th partner with Ted Leonsis. What we did not know was that Leonsis would pick yesterday to send out the press release for Skoll … Continue reading

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