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Are Platoon Splits Almost a Certainty for the #Nats – 1 of 2?

Don: So that is the question of the day. Given the budget, who the available FAs are; and lack of tradeable assets, platoons seem like the best/only option for the Nats. TalkNats commenter DChamps asked us to do: Here is what … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint: Who Is the Backup First Baseman?

Don: So lets talk about who the backup first baseman should be. I think we both agree that someone new needs to brought in to take the bulk of the At Bats. But who should the back-up be. Steve: Sounds … Continue reading

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Ryan and Heather Zimmerman have stepped up to the plate for D.C. charity!

There are talkers and there are doers. Ryan Zimmerman is the latter and usually a man of few words, but his humble nature as a man who does not talk much all changed as he saw a need and put … Continue reading

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They call him FoF, Mr. National, and Mr. Walk-off; Fourteen years ago, he achieved a first in his career!

He is the original. A one-of-a-kind. Ryan Zimmerman was the Washington Nationals first draft pick ever selected, and it paid dividends immediately as he became the “Face of the Franchise” (FoF) for a team that lacked star power for years. … Continue reading

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Zim isn’t ready to be cast for his statue just yet….

When you’re a free agent, you can do some of those things you always wanted to do like spending a day as a fighter pilot. For 15 years, Ryan Zimmerman never engaged in dangerous activities because that would have violated … Continue reading

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The band is back together! Ryan Zimmerman is on base!

The Washington Nationals almost have the entire band back together after agreeing on a 1-year deal with Ryan Zimmerman that could be worth $5 million in total. Almost everyone from the 2019 World Series team is back together! General Manager … Continue reading

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Days of Rest – Why Only for Pitchers? Could the Howie system work for Zim?

Baseball analytics cover most anything you want to analyze including days-of-rest statistics if you can crunch the numbers yourself for position players. If you go to the Baseball-Reference and look at the splits for pitchers, you see their numbers broken … Continue reading

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Are Long Term Free Agent Contracts Worth the Risk

As we count down the minutes before the Bryce Harper announcement this article analyzes whether mega free agent contracts pay off for the teams and looks at some alternatives to calm the current labor situation. The Nats players are mad … Continue reading

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It is time to extend Ryan Zimmerman to a restructured deal!

For months our readers here have discussed our suggestion about the advantages of extending the contract of the face of the franchise for the Washington Nationals. In case you did not know, Ryan Zimmerman happens to be one of the top offensive … Continue reading

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Part IV: GM Meetings start today. What moves would you make going forward for the #Nats?

As the General Manager’s Meetings get going today, there will be a lot of framework set in place for trades. This off-season, general manager Mike Rizzo made an early trade for Kyle Barraclough, and Rizzo might not be done. He … Continue reading

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