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Winter Meetings start this weekend and the current Nats situation!

The Winter Meetings are just three days away. There are certainly reasons for trepidation with the 2023 Washington Nationals team with regards to the ownership situation, spending levels, and the current roster. FanGraphs today has the Nats projected for a … Continue reading

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Nationals Batters Swing and Miss Rates

Most every batter wants to only swing at pitches he can hit. Clearly some are much, much, much better at it than others. Thanks to a comment posted recently by WarningTrackPower I was able to add logic to determine if … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis just got a new billionaire partner, but what does that mean for the Nats?

We have known for weeks that billionaire Jeff Skoll was joining Monumental Sports & Entertainment as the 20th partner with Ted Leonsis. What we did not know was that Leonsis would pick yesterday to send out the press release for Skoll … Continue reading

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The Kids Do Love It – Donate Your Unused RCR Points

We are repeating the initiative we started last year, collecting items from the RCR program to donate to the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy that supports scholar athletes from under-served communities. This is a collaborative effort of TalkNats and two FaceBook … Continue reading

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Could a sale of the Nats be off the table?

Sources have told us that the Lerner family and sports team investor, Ted Leonsis, were getting close to an agreement on the sale of the Washington Nationals earlier this month, but on Friday a source told us that they were … Continue reading

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On Black Friday, the Moneyball savings started a revolution in baseball!

More people have seen the movie since its release in 2011 than those who have read the book, MONEYBALL in 2003 by Michael Lewis. On Black Friday, the bargain buying story of the Oakland A’s could start with the 1997 … Continue reading

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Many thanks to all of you!

Going back to the beginning of where this site began, and very humble beginnings. There’s that funny theory that questions whether a falling tree in a forest really makes noise if there is nobody around to hear it. The same … Continue reading

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FA Starters Who Eat Innings, and Who Would You Choose?

With Erick Fedde non-tendered you have to hope that the Nationals are serious about signing some FA pitchers. DonH, Ghost and I collaborated on creating this table. Ideally pitchers who both eat innings and have quality starts are desirable. A … Continue reading

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The #1 pick in the draft will be 3 weeks away!

The CBA of 2022 changed so many aspects on the future of baseball. It added a third Wild Card this year that the Phillies took advantage of and rode their momentum into a World Series appearance. The CBA also ended … Continue reading

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War On the Diamond is a new documentary to watch!

In a way, it is the history of Cleveland baseball and all of the disrespect, and this documentary is carefully crafted around a beanball that killed a Cleveland Indians’ player named Ray Chapman in 1920. The pitch that killed Chapman … Continue reading

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