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Should the #Nats Make a Bellinger style offer to Montgomery

MLBTR’s Podcast How Cody Bellinger’s Deal Affects The Other Free Agents And Why The Offseason Played Out Like This had some interesting thoughts. They also reported (last week) on the status of the negotiations with the Red Sox.

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Extend Everyone! Really?

In a recent comment thread about extensions, specifically the idea of extended Josiah Gray, one of the comments was that you can’t extend everybody. But no one had suggested extending everyone. The idea of extending everyone is somewhat amusing and … Continue reading

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Looking for roster improvement over the offseason proves actions didn’t speak louder than words!

After Washington Nationals’ general manager Mike Rizzo dropped a bombshell yesterday that the team most likely will not be signing another player (pitcher or position player) on a MLB contract, social media immediately exploded with frustration. The fans want someone … Continue reading

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Time flies and 8 years later: Still called ‘Nationals Park’

Yes, we finally have a new main videoboard and state-of-the-art LED lighting at Nationals Park. All of this comes after the first large scale upgrades from the DC Stadium Authority in the 16-years since the stadium opened. The ballpark needed … Continue reading

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UPDATED: From 2004 to 2024, the leverage has turned on Baltimore

With a possible sale of the Baltimore Orioles to David Rubenstein and partners, the Angelos family that currently controls the team is now on the clock to help push the sale to the finish line. While this sale should not … Continue reading

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Sean Doolittle’s New Role: Evolving The Pitching Coach Role????

When Steve and I do Point-CounterPoint articles, we typically have plenty of time for our back and forth. This one is different because of this breaking news on Sean Doolittle joining the coaching staff as a pitching strategist. So both … Continue reading

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Starting Pitcher FAs – Point-CounterPoint

So lets looks at some of the available starting pitchers who are Free Agents. Steve and I started with a short list and expanded it as described:

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2037 is right around the corner, and it is not too early to speculate on the future of Nationals Park

The Lerners, the current owner of the Nationals since mid-2006, did not have input into the structural design of Nationals Park because the team was owned by MLB when the stadium was initially designed — and working with an initial … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis really wants regional baseball broadcasting rights; Does he still want a baseball team?

Meet Ted Leonsis, the man with ownership in pro basketball, hockey, and gaming, with his crown jewels of the NBA’s Wizards, the NHL’s Capitals and the WNBA’s Mystics — and he does not have a MLB baseball team, leaving a … Continue reading

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The 2024 Draft Lottery

When will the Washington Nationals pick in the next MLB Draft? Odds on favorite is 10th, with a small chance at 11 and an infinitesimally smaller chance they pick at #12. The draft lottery is at 5:30pm ET on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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