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Two-week warning to the 2021 trade deadline!

While the Washington Nationals went from possible “buyers” on June 30th at 2.0 games from 1st place — to wait-and-see mode as of today — the team has two weeks to determine the future direction. Do they stay the course, sell … Continue reading

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Juan Soto is ready to fix his swing in the HR Derby!

The All-Star Home Run Derby is set for Coors Field in Colorado. MLB officials are not hiding the fact that the derby baseballs will not be placed in a humidor. Many expect we will see home runs soar 500+ feet. … Continue reading

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In Day-2 of the draft, we remember Jordan Zimmermann. On Day-1, how’s about the impact of the 2014 Draft on today’s Nats?

The stars of any draft mostly come from the first round picks. You usually get about a 40 percent from every year that have good MLB careers and only a handful become All-Stars. The 2014 draft brought a trio of … Continue reading

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The 2021 Draft begins and the Nats had the 11th pick overall and they chose Brady House!

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The #Nats All-Stars are now a quartet with Scherzer added!

Snubs happen all the time with All-Star rosters, and MLB just righted things by adding Max Scherzer to the All-Star team. It will be his 8th consecutive game (no game in 2020). He joins Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber, and Juan … Continue reading

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Gut punch losses happen; How you handle the next game is more important.

Sometimes you just can’t explain baseball results. That is lesson #1 when you try to rationalize a fluke. Sure, Max Scherzer melted down in the 4th inning in epic proportions. It happens. A relief pitcher with one career at-bat finds … Continue reading

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The stars were shining bright as Turner, Soto, Schwarber all earn first All-Stars!

Count them: Three Should be: Five There were three Washington Nationals stars who will don that modified Curly W gear in Colorado for this year’s installment of the All-Star game. Writer, Ken Rosenthal, made a case for three Nats also in … Continue reading

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Knocked to the canvas, can the Nats get back up?

There are so many sports clichés that we could use at a time like this, but the reality of the situation is the sum of all fears were reached yesterday. The Washington Nationals lost their two best position players to … Continue reading

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Who will be the emergency infielder?

The Nationals need an emergency middle-infielder, and they need one soon. Usually the protocol for having both of your shortstops injured would be to call up someone from the minors, unfortunately for the Nats, their two most MLB ready call … Continue reading

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Hard work pays off for Kyle Schwarber and another testament to hitting coach to Kevin Long!

This success by Kyle Schwarber with 15 home runs in 17 days is a result of hard work and sticking with the process. When Daniel Murphy was with the Mets, he also went through a transformation with the same hitting … Continue reading

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