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War On the Diamond is a new documentary to watch!

In a way, it is the history of Cleveland baseball and all of the disrespect, and this documentary is carefully crafted around a beanball that killed a Cleveland Indians’ player named Ray Chapman in 1920. The pitch that killed Chapman … Continue reading

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Offseason spending for the Nats is now minus Nelson Cruz!

As we reported last month, the  Washington Nationals were going to decline the mutual option on Nelson Cruz, and they did just that on Sunday. That almost locks in the Nats payroll with the CBT accounting at $114 million unless … Continue reading

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A sleeper in the mix with Jackson Tetreault

There was one starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals who was kind of forgotten about. His name is Jackson Tetreault. Who? Right, he was only up for four starts with the Nats as he replaced Stephen Strasburg on June 14 after Stras … Continue reading

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The Washington Commanders could complicate a sale of the Nats!

When Mike Ozanian of Forbes broke the news that the Washington Commanders football franchise could be up for sale, the DC sports shows went into overtime. While the Commanders generally dominate the sports talk radio scene anyway, this was the … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo/Dave Martinez talked to invited guests at the Ballpark Bash!

On the three year anniversary of the Washington Nationals first World Series win, the team invited season ticket holders to a new event called the Ballpark Bash. In attendance were manager Dave Martinez, general manager Mike Rizzo, and three members … Continue reading

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Ripped from the headlines: “Baker’s pitching moves go awry in Astros’ Game 1 loss”

Embed from Getty Images The laughs stopped in the Astros’ dugout after Kyle Tucker‘s second home run of the night, and were replaced by utter shock. Astros’ beat writer, Brian McTaggart, seemed to put part of the blame for the … Continue reading

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Who Are You Rooting For to Win the World Series

As a fan of the Nationals, who are you rooting for to win the WS? The two teams are among (at least among Nats fans) are, or should be, the most hated. And yes, the pejorative spellings of the team … Continue reading

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Rethinking 2019 after the World Series parade!

It was absolute euphoria for Washington Nationals’ fans when the team won the 2019 World Series. After all, that’s what you play for, and at that time, the process, the coaching, the trades, and anything else that was controversial took … Continue reading

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Ownership needs to get the #Nats payroll budget back to league average!

It does not matter if Ted Lerner’s family is running the team or Ted Leonsis’ MSE, when it comes to doing right by the fans of the  Washington Nationals. The time is now to send an email, text message, phone … Continue reading

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People should remember how Stephen Strasburg shined in October!

If you want to dwell in the negative, have at it. There is plenty of that surrounding Stephen Strasburg. But remember this, there is no Nats’ World Series trophy if it wasn’t for Stras. Maybe the Nats don’t even get … Continue reading

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