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The top priorities for the 2023 season revisited before the Winter Meetings!

With MLB going into the Winter Meetings officially tomorrow afternoon in San Diego, California at the Grand Hyatt hotel, there should be a lot more to talk about in the baseball world. Unfortunately, the Washington Nationals are not one of … Continue reading

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Notes from the Umps Care virtual visit to the MLB Replay Center

  This was the first time that MLB offered a virtual visit to the infamous New York umpire’s replay center. First impression — I haven’t seen this many video screens since I went to Best Buy.  There are screens in … Continue reading

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Nationals Batters Swing and Miss Rates

Most every batter wants to only swing at pitches he can hit. Clearly some are much, much, much better at it than others. Thanks to a comment posted recently by WarningTrackPower I was able to add logic to determine if … Continue reading

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Ted Leonsis just got a new billionaire partner, but what does that mean for the Nats?

We have known for weeks that billionaire Jeff Skoll was joining Monumental Sports & Entertainment as the 20th partner with Ted Leonsis. What we did not know was that Leonsis would pick yesterday to send out the press release for Skoll … Continue reading

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On Black Friday, the Moneyball savings started a revolution in baseball!

More people have seen the movie since its release in 2011 than those who have read the book, MONEYBALL in 2003 by Michael Lewis. On Black Friday, the bargain buying story of the Oakland A’s could start with the 1997 … Continue reading

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Rant of a Senators fan
Subtitle: Winning the argument with your crazy Orioles fans relatives

Given the issue with MASN impacting the sale of the Nats, Steve M. and I thought it might be a good discussion to repost my article from July of 2016 with a few updates since history changed a few previous … Continue reading

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FA Starters Who Eat Innings, and Who Would You Choose?

With Erick Fedde non-tendered you have to hope that the Nationals are serious about signing some FA pitchers. DonH, Ghost and I collaborated on creating this table. Ideally pitchers who both eat innings and have quality starts are desirable. A … Continue reading

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The non-tender deadline is today; Nats have nine more decisions due!

The fine people at MLB Trade Rumors make it easy for us to follow the valuations on arbitration-eligible players. As of this moment, the Washington Nationals have only settled with Ildemaro Vargas and have nine more decisions to make by later … Continue reading

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Third base will have some competition in Spring Training!

At the Washington Nationals’ Ballpark Bash, general manager Mike Rizzo said that he expected Carter Kieboom to be back and healthy to compete during Spring Training for the third baseman’s position for the 2023 season. But Rizzo said he would … Continue reading

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The Rule-5 add-ons to the 40-man roster are due Tuesday at 6 pm!

Rosters will be shaken up big-time by Tuesday at 6pm ET. That marks the deadline to add Rule-5 eligible players onto the 40-man roster or risk them from being drafted by other teams on the final day of the Winter … Continue reading

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