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Should the #Nats Make a Bellinger style offer to Montgomery

MLBTR’s Podcast How Cody Bellinger’s Deal Affects The Other Free Agents And Why The Offseason Played Out Like This had some interesting thoughts. They also reported (last week) on the status of the negotiations with the Red Sox.

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Extend Everyone! Really?

In a recent comment thread about extensions, specifically the idea of extended Josiah Gray, one of the comments was that you can’t extend everybody. But no one had suggested extending everyone. The idea of extending everyone is somewhat amusing and … Continue reading

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What is the Prospect Promotion Incentive?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that is in place now from 2022, put measures in-place to discourage service time manipulation. One measure is the Prospect Promotion Incentive and for the first time, it could impact the Washington Nationals. What impact … Continue reading

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What Are the Nats up to in 2024?

For 2024, the Washington Nationals focused on rebuilding with some low-risk additions, after they cleared roster spots by parting ways with a few players since last August when the purge started, and strategically improving their team by adding some power … Continue reading

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Just prove them all wrong!

Just prove them all wrong. The current PECOTA projections has the 2024 Washington Nationals team at 103.8 losses. Play the games — and do what you did last year, and beat all of the projections and estimates.

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The Nats are a small-market revenue team but some of that is self-inflicted

Much has changed this month since the news broke that the Orioles will be sold — and the Washington Nationals were taken off of the shelf as a team for sale. These two teams are still tied together through the … Continue reading

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Back To The Future is all about the starting pitchers and the willingness to spend!

In 2009, the Washington Nationals were in the enviable draft position to select the most coveted starting pitcher in decades, and add an ace to their staff. The young San Diego State pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, was a game-changer for this … Continue reading

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Could there be 3 players in Nats’ camp competing for center field?

Yesterday was that rainy day in West Palm Beach as the top prospects all checked-in officially for big league camp. The media was swarming before 9 AM inside the facilities at the CACTI Park of the Palm Beaches. While that … Continue reading

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A sight for sore eyes, and a yearning heart

Cade Cavalli returns to the bullpen practice mound this week For Washington Nationals fans, they needed some encouraging news, and they got it today when Cade Cavalli returned to the pitching mound in West Palm Beach for a bullpen session. … Continue reading

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Looking for roster improvement over the offseason proves actions didn’t speak louder than words!

After Washington Nationals’ general manager Mike Rizzo dropped a bombshell yesterday that the team most likely will not be signing another player (pitcher or position player) on a MLB contract, social media immediately exploded with frustration. The fans want someone … Continue reading

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