TalkNats.com started on a WordPress format as Going Deep With The Nats and was purchased from Steve Mears in 2015. The site quickly needed a larger format, and it’s own domain where we could grow in our community.

This is a community blog authored by many writers on subjects about the Washington Nationals baseball team. This blog is not affiliated with the Washington Nationals.

The site is moderated and is open to those who want to make a positive impact with their comments as the goals are simple to have fun and hopefully learn along the way from insight provided by a variety of people. This blog is also interactive where site authors are also participants in the interaction in the comments section.

All articles are written voluntarily and are not endorsed by the site owners as opinions expressed are solely by the authors of the articles. Site comments, while moderated, are at the sole responsibility of the commentor. If you have any issues, please contact us.

Site Features

TalkNats uses the Disqus commenting system which we find is one of the best software packages for interacting with other commentors on the site. You can comment by logging in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google ID. You can also create an unique Disqus ID. A list of selected Disqus features you may want to take advantage of:

  1. You can edit your comments!
  2. Comments can be sorted by oldest first, newest first or best. Best is determined as the difference between the number of up-votes and down-votes.
  3. You can express your agreement with a comment by using the up or down vote (the up/down arrows).
    • So for people coming from other sites that +1 as a “like”, there’s no need for the numerous +1s. Just up-vote to express your agreement.
  4. Disqus displays how long ago the comment was made. If you want to see the exact time, just hover your mouse over the time displayed.
  5. There is basically no limit on how many levels replies can be embedded. But after the third level of replies, they are no longer indented. But each comment shows who the reply was to.
  6. Depending on your device you don’t need to refresh or reload the page to see new comments.

Each article can be tagged/categorized in a number of categories.

  1. The categories for a given article are listed at the bottom of the article.
  2. We also have a category cloud, (placement depends on your device) that shows all the categories for the articles. The larger the text, the more articles in that category.
  3. Just click on the category text to see a listing of all the articles in that category.

You may have noticed there is no pop-up advertising on this site and no annoying videos that play in the background as well as no selling of mailing lists. The owners of the site are providing this content while funding the costs to run the site themselves. This could obviously change at some point as TalkNats would like to at least get this to breakeven, and the eventual goal is to have more Nats inspired advertising.

Any inquiries and issues can be directed to: [email protected]