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What Is Your Favorite Baseball Story

Time to have conversations about things more pleasant than how many games the Nationals will lose in 2023. So we’ve collected a few stories from some regulars to get the conversation started. Please comment with a favorite baseball story – … Continue reading

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Point-CounterPoint – The Nats Offensive Woes

It does not take any analytics to conclude that the Nats gave up too many runs and did not score nearly enough runs in 2022, or for that matter in 2021 also. So I decided to look at the stats … Continue reading

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Nationals Batters Swing and Miss Rates

Most every batter wants to only swing at pitches he can hit. Clearly some are much, much, much better at it than others. Thanks to a comment posted recently by WarningTrackPower I was able to add logic to determine if … Continue reading

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The Kids Do Love It – Donate Your Unused RCR Points

We are repeating the initiative we started last year, collecting items from the RCR program to donate to the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy that supports scholar athletes from under-served communities. This is a collaborative effort of TalkNats and two FaceBook … Continue reading

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Rant of a Senators fan
Subtitle: Winning the argument with your crazy Orioles fans relatives

Given the issue with MASN impacting the sale of the Nats, Steve M. and I thought it might be a good discussion to repost my article from July of 2016 with a few updates since history changed a few previous … Continue reading

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Who Are You Rooting For to Win the World Series

As a fan of the Nationals, who are you rooting for to win the WS? The two teams are among (at least among Nats fans) are, or should be, the most hated. And yes, the pejorative spellings of the team … Continue reading

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The Ownership Team – Some Insights on David Rubenstein

As Steve has been reporting, it appears that Ted Leonsis will eventually be the new owner of the Nationals; or at least a significant minority partner. It has also been reported that David Rubenstein is a partner in that effort. … Continue reading

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The Travel Travails of Jackson Rutledge

This short Point-CounterPoint is a lightly edited Twitter DM exchange between Don and Steve that occurred after Jackson Rutledge‘s last start. Looks like Rutledge has a traveling issue 😃. The former 1st round pick (17th overall) of the Washington Nationals … Continue reading

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Soto/Bell Return Poll

Assuming the deal goes down as is (i.e., no Hosmer), please weigh in by voting and comments on what you think of the return.

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Soto and Bell Poll

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