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Twenty-one* to Watch in 21 (*the forensicane list)

The calendar has turned to June, and with that, an adequate opportunity to study what we have in the minor league inventory. As you know from my previous columns, I dispense with the prospect rankings and their click-baiting that tell … Continue reading

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Fredericksburg (G)nats is Opportunity for Next Men Up

And just when you think it can’t get worse, an 0-9 start in Fredericksburg is ugly and indefensible. A 7-29 start throughout is lousy enough, and then you realize there is no payoff for tanking. At Fredericksburg, scores in the … Continue reading

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Management on Trial – Wilmington A+ Spotlights the Next Wave

High-A is a good lens through which to view the last three drafts. The 2020 draftees never got a chance to play, so anyone who gets to Wilmington genuinely has people excited. Anyone from 2019 who gets here, given the … Continue reading

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Harrisburg Senators 2021 Roster Preview – What Doesn’t Glitter is Still Plenty Interesting

Embed from Getty Images With the Nationals slowly rebuilding prospect depth with more quality recent drafts than early years, and the paucity of breakthrough position talent at the AAA level, Harrisburg naturally draws attention for who might be poised to … Continue reading

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May Madness – Reading into the Minor League Rosters

For well over a year, we have been forced to settle for blurbs from the alternative training site, unexpected promotions to the major league level of overlooked talents like Dakota Bacus, Kyle McGowin, Seth Romero, and Yadiel Hernandez, the procession … Continue reading

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Looking at the #Nats 26-man roster  – The Sum Greater than the Parts. But, Nice Parts!

With respect to the Washington Nationals final roster, I’m almost surprised with how un-surprising things have turned out. General Manager Mike Rizzo and manager Dave Martinez will formally post up their Opening Day roster shortly, and we should probably see … Continue reading

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