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Fredericksburg has the second game of their playoffs tonight!

All season, manager Jake Lowery’s Fredericksburg Nationals’ team has overcome obstacles to win, and they are now a game away from winning their best-of-3-game playoff series against the Lynchburg Hillcats. On Tuesday night, in an incredible playoff atmosphere at Virginia … Continue reading

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Nats Look To Rebuild After A Disappointing Season

As of August 28th, the Washington Nationals still own the worst record in the MLB, but there are signs of life as they have gone 6-8 in the past two weeks. Currently, sitting at 43-85, the Nats are already looking … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals 2022 Draft Recap

Nationals are now entirely focused on their long-term future. A couple of weeks after a solid performance at the draft, general manager Mike Rizzo traded his 23-year-old franchise star to the San Diego Padres in a blockbuster deal that promises … Continue reading

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In Appreciation of Ken Griffey Jr.

The coolest thing about the 2021 MLB season is that it’s reminded us what it’s like when a player transcends rooting interests, and really the sport itself. It was just a few years ago that the chase for Shohei Ohtani … Continue reading

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Expert’s Tips on MLB Futures Odds and Games

  In sports betting, anything that can be predicted, more likely, there’s a couple of odds available for you to wager on. Such odds often take as far as the following season, despite the ongoing season in its early quarter. … Continue reading

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Bryce Harper Pizza Reviewer; Hair Flipper; Barstool Sports 5 Guy

Bryce Harper is so talented that he is also a food critic in addition to maintaining a food review site with his wife, Kayla, on Instagram called Harp.Eats. Yesterday, Harper did a food review for Barstool Sports on a New York … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Is it plain sailing from here?

  Washington is, it seems, never out of the world media spotlight. Usually, the madness of politics leaves scribes scratching their heads to find the right words, or a fresh way of capturing the mayhem which ripples around the world. … Continue reading

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Trea Turner predictions for tonight!

For those who are into minuscule sample sizes, there are many who are concerned about Trea Turner and four games of progress. His BABIP will turn around as it is at .182 right now, and Trea is every bit of … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals: Day 2 of Spring Training

Day one of spring training was very uneventful. There was no real news except to hear that Joe Ross had some facial hair, and there was a locker set-up for Adam Lind. Players walked around and were impressed with the … Continue reading

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Jayson Werth, Don't Ever Count Him Out!

Jayson Werth was the offensive star of Sunday’s come-from-behind win with a 2 run HR and a RBI double.  Werth finished the game at a .209 Batting Average and distancing himself from that late season lowpoint .184 BA on August … Continue reading

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