Bryce Harper Pizza Reviewer; Hair Flipper; Barstool Sports 5 Guy

Photo by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

Bryce Harper is so talented that he is also a food critic in addition to maintaining a food review site with his wife, Kayla, on Instagram called Harp.Eats. Yesterday, Harper did a food review for Barstool Sports on a New York style margarita pizza with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, and basil. Harper compared the Nick’s pizza to Costco frozen. How does Bryce Harper know about Costco?

Harper has been a fan of Barstool Sports for years and last year when he and his brother Bryan video’d themselves (here) doing a Barstool Sports staple “Saturday’s Are For The Boys” shoutout which led to controversy when Noah Syndergaard called him a “do-che”.

Yesterday, Bryce had an afternoon planned with BP at CitiField, shagging flies, some running, and a pizza review.

Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post writes,“One player who did paint Friday was Bryce Harper, who ran the bases, shagged flyballs and hit on the field with his teammates during batting practice. Harper put on the most spectacular batting practice show of any of his teammates, hitting more than one ball halfway up the second deck in right field. Harper is scheduled for a more extended on-field hitting session — a simulated game, really — Saturday. Baker said the Nationals will determine his next step then.”

Harper’s next step could be to eat more pizza and hit more bombs today and possibly face some live pitching. Onlookers said Bryce hit 2 bombs over the CitiField HR apple and one over the Shea Bridge yesterday. What can he do for an encore?

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