Fun Destinations for Baseball Fans with Spring Training or a trip to Cooperstown or Dyersville, Iowa!

As a Washington Nationals’ fan, you’ve been to your fair share of baseball games. If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, you’ve probably experienced the excitement of watching a game in person at Nationals Park in the heart of the city. In fact, you’ve likely experienced most of what the city has to offer when it comes to your favorite sport. 

If you want to broaden your horizons, planning a vacation to visit famous baseball destinations around the country is a fun way to do so. With spring training games right around the corner, now’s a good time to explore some of the top destinations for baseball fans.

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame—Cooperstown, NY

Visiting the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, NY, is a rite of passage for baseball fans. People travel from all over the country, and the world, to learn about the sport’s legends enshrined in the building. The museum has it all, including Babe Ruth’s 60th homerun bat, the ball from Cy Young’s 500th win, and a Washington Nationals 2019 World Series exhibit.

While most fans will spend a lot of their time exploring the sport’s history, they’re bound to have some free time during their trip, too, making it a good opportunity to catch up on their favorite mobile games. Given its popularity, poker is almost a national pastime, just like baseball. So, when fans are ready to take a break from learning about their favorite sport, they can visit one of the best online casinos on their mobile device.

After taking a break, it’ll then be time to continue checking out the sights before heading on to the next destination.

Spring Training in Central Florida

Photo by Luis Albisu for TalkNats

Although the baseball season doesn’t officially start until opening day in April, spring training begins in February, allowing fans to enjoy some excitement in warmer climates as their favorite teams get ready for the regular season.

Spring training dates back to 1886 when the Chicago White Stockings headed south to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to train before the upcoming season. Other teams followed suit, and a tradition was established, with teams hosting exhibition games and attracting fans to cheer them on in small cities that built a big part of their economy around spring training. These days, all of the MLB teams play their spring training games in either Arizona or Florida. For the Washington Nationals, they are in one of the best facilities in Florida.

Central Florida became the preferred destination for teams in the early 1900s, with participating teams becoming known as the Grapefruit League. Today, fans head south to watch 15 MLB teams play from late February to the end of March.

These teams play in 12 stadiums situated along Florida’s western and eastern coasts. You can catch a Nats game or two during your trip. Ticket prices are reasonable, making it an excellent getaway for baseball fans.

Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come,” was the most famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams, considered by many to be the greatest baseball movie of all time. You can visit the location made famous by the 1989 movie by traveling to Dyersville, Iowa.

There’s a lot to keep you entertained while visiting the site, including a free 30-minute guided tour. During Labor Day weekend, the site hosts the Team of Dreams event, where fans can meet retired players, watch reenactments of games, and mingle with celebrities.

Be sure to bring your own glove and ball so you can take a picture throwing a pitch from the famous field.


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