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Your 2016 Washington Nationals roster, payroll, projections as of today!

Mike Rizzo wrapped up his last few hours in Nashville to pull off a trade that needed to be done at some point this off-season.  No, not Papelbon, it was Yunel Escobar who was traded from the Nats along with … Continue reading

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Rizzo actively talking trades. Mike Leake rumor surfaces! #Nats #WinterMeetings

Mike Leake is one of the most sought after Free Agents still available on the market.  He got his start in 2010 for the Reds while Dusty Baker was his manager. There is no Qualified Offer on Leake and Ken … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo does the Nashville 2-step! #Nats #WinterMeetings

There was breaking news Sunday night that Jonathan Papelbon had filed a grievance against the Nats to receive payment pertaining to his 4 game suspension from the Nats to finish the 2015 season.  This seemed like breaking news as in “current … Continue reading

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Updated 2016 #Nats Payroll Projections. 40 man roster at 37. Winter Meetings days away!

Let’s update the Nats payroll now that we have passed the arbitration tender deadline. The Nats 2015 payroll moved the team into the upper echelon with the big spenders breaking into a figure firmly in the Top 1/2 Dozen for … Continue reading

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Roark Ross Roster Rotation #Nats starters

The top of the 2016 Nats rotation sets up with Max Scherzer 2.79 Stephen Strasburg 3.46 Gio Gonzalez  3.79 The next 2 spots for the 2016 Nats rotation are written in pencil just in case an eraser is needed 4. … Continue reading

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Non-Tender deadline tomorrow night! #Nats

Before the clock strikes midnight EST tomorrow night, teams must submit to the league office a list of all tenders and non-tenders from players eligible for arbitration. The Nats now have 8 arbitration eligible players after Carpenter’s DFA: Stephen Strasburg  … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo and the big Free Agents

Will this be the year the Nats stay away from the big Free Agents? Rizzo has given some mixed signals, and this year seems like the Nats will not be the big buyers this off-season. That would mean for the … Continue reading

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Trade Options for a LH OF Bat

In the article My #1 FA Target: Ben Zobrist we looked at a comparison of some lefty FA bats. Given Mike Rizzo’s propensity to pull off deals that no one saw coming, let’s pull something truly out of left field (pun … Continue reading

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Dusty Baker talks on MLB Network Radio, worth a listen.

Dusty Baker this afternoon had a call-in interview on MLB Network Radio on the “Inside Pitch” show hosted by Jim Bowden and Casey Stern.  Stern has a relationship with Dusty from his on-air TV work with Dusty. Dusty’s intro from … Continue reading

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Who are your Free Agent Reliever Targets? #Nats

It is pretty clear that Mike Rizzo needs to build a better bullpen for 2016 than he did in 2015. Continuing our Rizzo for a Day series, who are your free agent reliever targets?

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