Dusty Baker talks on MLB Network Radio, worth a listen.

Dusty Baker this afternoon had a call-in interview on MLB Network Radio on the “Inside Pitch” show hosted by Jim Bowden and Casey Stern.  Stern has a relationship with Dusty from his on-air TV work with Dusty. Dusty’s intro from Stern was “my friend and a brotha from another mother” which set the tone as a lighthearted interview.

This is just 4 minutes on the link in the Tweet from Dusty’s interview:

Dusty said that Ted Lerner personally called to tell him don’t believe what you’re hearing in the media about the Nats managerial job meaning the job was not necessarily going to Bud Black and shortly afterwards his agent John Hamilton was negotiating the deal with the Nats.

Dusty’s cellphone dropped the call twice which prompted Dusty when he called back in again he said,  “I think the Mets are sabotaging this call I think” as a joke.  He said he needs a new cellphone and his wife wanted him to get an iPhone.

From Dusty’s November 5th press conference, “I want to get this team together as soon as possible, from top to bottom. Because the great teams I’ve been on and organizations that I’ve been in, from top to bottom, everyone believes.   It’s something I have to feel. It’s something that can’t be fabricated, something that can’t be fake, because guys can see when you’re not being genuine. I’ll see what this team needs, because I really don’t know exactly what they need.”

Dusty said he hadn’t discussed with Rizzo what the budget is or the players he is targeting for the team but they discussed how important the lead-off is.  Sterns said Dusty went through 74 (exaggerating) lead-off men with the Reds.  Dusty acknowledged:

“I don’t know if we got that guy yet because the other guys are prone to strikeouts and don’t have that high OBP. We had that guy in Denard Span. I don’t know if we will sign him or have a chance of re-signing him.  I haven’t really talked to Rizzo or the organization yet about potential Free Agents…or what the payroll is going to be…I’m always trying to pump people to get the best team, not only the best team, the best overall balanced team. This is what I’m shooting for.”

Bowden said Dexter Fowler is available or he could trade for Billy Hamilton.

Jeff Kent emailed Dusty yesterday,  “Tell my soul Mormon brother don’t play so angry ’cause you will make it harder on yourself”  Not sure what that was all about but an interesting comment.

Dusty hasn’t reached out to any players yet because he said he wants to put his coaching staff together first. He said he made the mistake in Cincy that he called Josh Hamilton and shortly after Hamilton was traded. He said he will reach out to the players by Thanksgiving “see what guys are working out, which guys are overweight” which Dusty laughed about.

Dusty talked about his love of wristbands and his toothpick.  It was a funny discussion as Dusty has a good sense of humor for sure.

Dusty wouldn’t name  names on who would be getting the remaining jobs on the coaching staff but did say Chris Speier is in the mix for bench coach or 3rd base coach.  He said he wanted diversity and earlier said they don’t call it “Chocolate City” for nothing and gave a hat tip to Killebrew, Frank Howard and Paul Casanova.  He said he wanted a mix of  coaches from,

“I believe in a diversified staff. Some young, some old. I want some white some black some Latin. Everybody has to have someone to talk to.  Coaches are like talking to your Uncle. You can tell your Uncle anything. Talking to your Manager is like talking to your Dad. I can tell my Dad most things but certain things I can’t tell my Dad. “

Dusty said he learned a lot from former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler at the Columbus Touchdown Club. Schembechler told Dusty you could always tell a player by looking at their face, “you can tell the BSer, who is genuine, who is shy, who is cocky”.  Dusty went on to say it helps in choosing between one player or another.  Dusty says about the coaching staff “these are the guys that do most of the work behind the scenes and spend most of the time with the players” as he talked about he only has 2 years to get this done.

Bowden asked Dusty if he would go to red or blue Nats colored toothpicks and Dusty thinks he will stay with his peachy colored toothpicks.

Go get ’em Dusty!

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