Trade Options for a LH OF Bat

In the article My #1 FA Target: Ben Zobrist we looked at a comparison of some lefty FA bats.

Given Mike Rizzo’s propensity to pull off deals that no one saw coming, let’s pull something truly out of left field (pun intended).

Here is a revised version (to make it fit) of the stats table from the previous post.

Zobrist 5,013/4,317 .265/.265 .431 .355 .786 15/12
Heyward 3,429/3,005 .268/.266 .431 .353 .784 18/11
Gordon 4,818/4,245 .269/.321 .435 .348 .783 21/10
Parra 3,633/3,326 .277/.256 .404 .326 .730 17/06
Davis 3,512/3,127 .255/.289 .506 .330 .835 31/09

And here are two trade options that are just unexpected and surprising enough that they may actually be something Mike Rizzo would pursue. The Dodgers supposedly want to move an outfielder. While the speculation is mostly about Puig, they likely won’t trade him given that his value is down after his 2015 season. And from the Nats perspective he’s a righty – and they need a lefty.

So here is the first unlikely trade option: Carl Crawford. He will be 34 on opening day and is due $43,464K over the next two years. Upon looking at his numbers (given his age we’ve included his career and his last two years), he compares somewhat favorably with the FAs listed above. And the rumor mill is that the Dodgers are willing to eat a chunk of that salary number.

UPSIDE: only a two year commitment.
DOWNSIDE: still expensive (but maybe less than the FAs listed above).

Career 7.091/6,574 .291/.300 .437 .332 .769 15/05
2014 370/343 .300/.313 .429 .339 .767 15/04
2015 193/181 .265/.244 .403 .304 .707 21/05

OK, I get it Crawford is still too expensive. So how about a guy who is 9 months younger, had a better 2015, and costs about $6M less, including a buy-out of his 2018 option: Andre Ethier.

UPSIDE: only a two year commitment, with an option for a third year if he’s worth it.
DOWNSIDE: still expensive (but maybe less than the FAs listed above).

Career 5,361/4,742 .286/.270 .464 .359 .823 17/10
2014 380/341 .249/.297 .370 .322 .691 19/08
2015 445/395 .294/.270 .486 .366 .852 17/10

And while I am still in that parallel universe of out of left field trades that likely won’t happen, here’s mine: Papelbon for Ethier.

From the Nats perspective:

  • Papelbon is gone!
  • Since Papelbon’s $11M is sunk cost, you get a potentially quality LH OF bat for around $12-13M/year.
  • No long term commitment.
    From the Dodgers perspective:

  • Unload $26M in net salary.
  • Less outfield congestion.
  • They need BP help too.
  • Puig probably needs someone to choke him every once in a while.

So, what say you?

And yea, this is mostly tongue in cheek. But with Rizzo, you never know what he can, or is going to, pull off.

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