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A Fan’s Graph of Nationals WAR

Hello everyone! This is Tyler Babip (Tyler Babbie in real life), checking in with my first post for TalkNats. I am a graduate student, and this summer I got a fellowship to make some maps for a website using software … Continue reading

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What’s up with Ryan Zimmerman at the Plate

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what’s wrong with Ryan Zimmerman. Is he aging too quickly; is he hurt; and so on. The other day there was a debate about how he always takes the first pitch. In … Continue reading

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Stats vs. Scouts

Time for a change of pace. Talking about losing is a loser. Ghost found and shared a great article Statistics Level Baseball’s Playing Field that talks about how Santos Saldivar was discovered with the help of stats. There are almost certainly lots of … Continue reading

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On Base Analysis by Batting Order

In the last couple of weeks there have been questions about the batting order. And historically there has much debate about who, and what kind of batter should bat in certain spots in the order. So in response to those … Continue reading

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A Totally Subjective Analysis of Why the 2016 Nationals Will (Finally) Win 100 Games

I love analytics. Really. The numbers quite often confirm what we see on the field, and indeed they often explain why things are the way they are. You want to know when Bryce Harper  took that next step and became an … Continue reading

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The Grapefruit League finale game (weather permitting) 3/30/16 #Nats

The Nats travel to Port St. Lucie to face their division NL East rival, the NY Mets, in the Nats finale in 2016 for the Grapefruit League. Max Scherzer will stay behind in Viera and pitch in a minor league … Continue reading

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#Nats Sam Mondry-Cohen Presentation at the SABR Meeting

Sam Mondry-Cohen of the Nationals presented at the DC chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) on Saturday, January 30, 2016. He provided an excellent overview of how the Nationals’ analytics group has grown and some of the things … Continue reading

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Preview of Coming Attractions – SABR Meeting

Lots of very interesting presentations at the DC SABR meeting today. Sam Mondry-Cohen of the Nationals had the meatiest presentation. Will have an overview of his presentation within the next day. But here is a quickie post to give Ghost a … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of 5 Starters

There has been a lot of discussion lately about trading Gio. And many of those suggesting it do qualify that suggestion by saying that the Nats should first sign a Free Agent starter. In 2015, the Nationals had 9 different … Continue reading

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Does Dusty Do Platoons? #Nats

There are some GMs like Billy Beane and Managers like Don Mattingly who embrace the platoon concept and many times it’s out of circumstance rather than design. Some would say you need the right personnel to make a good platoon … Continue reading

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