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Does Dusty Baker subscribe to statistical splits in setting line-ups and roles?

Baseball managers sometimes suffer from paralysis by analysis as there are reams of stats available that go well beyond the summary or game data found in the typical Baseball Reference databases.  For instance, if you wanted to know how Bryce … Continue reading

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Exactly who are the DHs in the AL?

In the Time for MLB to get rid of the DH article, there were a few interesting questions by our readers. For example: Who are the DHs How many teams have a dedicated DH vs. using it to rest position players. This … Continue reading

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Time for MLB to get rid of the DH

One of the recurring topics that the talking heads like to talk about during the Hot Stove season is why the NL needs to get with the times and adopt the Designated Hitter. And with the recent announcement of David Ortiz’s … Continue reading

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Proposed Rule Change: Relievers must face two batters

One of the reports out of the GM meeting was that support was growing for a rule change that would require a reliever to face at least two batters. There was little or no detail about how the rule would … Continue reading

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Who are your Free Agent Reliever Targets? #Nats

It is pretty clear that Mike Rizzo needs to build a better bullpen for 2016 than he did in 2015. Continuing our Rizzo for a Day series, who are your free agent reliever targets?

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Sabremetrics – Are We Focused on the Wrong Kinds of Metrics

I like analytics. I’ve made my living as what is now-a-days called a data scientist. But it bothers me when lots of folks quote all these different stats and metrics without really understanding how they are calculated, what they mean and what … Continue reading

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Scouts: The old school tool that has been a part of baseball forever.

The best seats in the house to watch a great pitcher is down low near the screen in the center. You get to see what the batter, the catcher and the ump see which can’t really be seen on TV. … Continue reading

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#Statcast™ reveals their inaugural “5 TOOL” players & the Nat on the list is NOT Bryce

Did you expect Bryce Harper to be on the list with Mike Trout and Andrew McCutcheon? We did. Statcast™ only had 8 players who met or exceeded the minimum criteria, and Ian Desmond is one of those 8 players. The … Continue reading

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Conventional Wisdom vs. Reality – Is it really just/mostly the BP?

In a recent post Help me if you can, I’m feeling down….. , ManassasNatsFan asked this very interesting question: One thing I wish I could find the stats for is our batting average against relievers and runs per inning. Compared to … Continue reading

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Sabremetrics and the fallacy of one metric

This post is more about giving Yunel the green light on a 3-0 count. But it highlights the problem of putting too much stock in one metric. The defense for giving Yunel the green light on 3-0 is that the … Continue reading

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