You’ve been here all year while others jump on the Nats bandwagon! Welcome!

Some fans have been tried and true all year like Kelly Collis of the The Tommy Show

When a member of the media like Kelly Collis gets into the stadium with a Nats Plus pass and e-tickets at the centerfield gates instead of a press pass, you have to be impressed. The Nats Plus pass signifies that you are a season ticket holder. Collis is an unapologetic and positive Nats fan who happens to work in the media on the popular Tommy Show. Kelly and her husband pay for their own season ticket plan, and are often seen around the ballpark in their custom Nats jerseys. They don’t have to jump on any Washington Nationals bandwagon because they never left. When the team was 19-31 on May 23rd, Collis did not lose faith. On her radio show with fellow Nats fan Tommy McFly, they talk a lot of Nats baseball on a radio show that is a music format station, and sometimes more than the sports talk stations. It is strange but tue.

On your way to the stadium today, Collis and McFly are doing an “All Nats” show. They are going to do a live show this afternoon from 3-4pm with call-ins for all Nats fans. Their call in number is 202-908-1288. Here is your chance to really Talk Nats.

“We’re a different format. My experiences are about me being at the ballpark and sharing that. I like being able to share that with other people,” Collis said.

If you have not discovered The Tommy Show, they were the popular morning show that ran for years on 94.7 FM, and the station went through some vast changes which set Collis and McFly in a different direction into entrepreneurial broadcasting through their own Tommy Show app and on the internet, Alexa, and Google Home. The broadcast can be accessed through their website or through their new free app, which you can find by searching “The Tommy Show” in both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

“We [are] on the Nats press list,” Kelly said. “I [traveled] and [broadcasted] live for a few days during Spring Training. We also have long form on-demand content that will allow us to interview players, player wives and other Nats spokespersons.”

As to some of the others in the D.C. media, it is wonderful that they just discovered the Nats are a good team and jumping on the bandwagon. There is still room. It is good for the team. It is good for the fanbase if some of these bandwagon fans stay. But here, we appreciate those who have been here all year. On the darkest day of the Nats season on May 24th, we had 1,937 comments just on the gamer article. Those of you never left.

Trea Turner, and depending on the lineup —Victor Robles,” Collis thinks will be players to step-up tonight.

Yes, it is nice to listen to all of the positive broadcasting on our Nats over the weekend, and hopefully that continues because we tweeted out on Tuesday after a Game 4 win at Nats Park that there was some media negativity as difficult as that is to believe. Collis told me she was there at Game 4, and she found the crowd to be great. In any fanbase, there will be some that will complain about the parade route.

“With the rain in [Game 4] many of us gathered in the overhang,” Collis said. “Tight quarters, but it was awesome because complete strangers were hugging each other.”

Tonight of course is the first home game in the Nats history for an NLCS game. Come dressed in red and be ready to cheer like crazy. Gates open at 5:00pm. The Nats will be handing out red towels with the retro logo we saw in Spring Training with the capitol.

The ceremonial first pitch tonight will be thrown by Parker Staples a pediatric cancer patient, and guess what, Parker threw out the first pitch on May 24th. Michael Buffer is announcing the Game 3 lineups, and then he will stand on top of the dugout and yell ‘Play Ball’. DC Washington will sing the National Anthem. First pitch by starter Stephen Strasburg is at 7:38 pm for Game 3. Way to go Nats!

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