BREAKING: Snag on Bud Black coming to the Nationals

BREAKING 4:15PM 11/2/2015: Our Source: the Bud Black hiring has hit a snag over years in the contract, and the deal has fallen apart. The Nats have now moved on to Dusty Baker. 

UPDATE 3:30PM 11/2/15: No press conference yet because the Nats  still have not officially announced Bud Black’s hiring and consistent with that, TalkNats has been careful to qualify that it was not a done deal because it was not as the contract had to be negotiated after the final interviews on Monday. As we posted on October 26, 2015 at 8:03PM EST:

Our source has told us that Mike Rizzo has made his decision on who will be the 6th full-time manager for the Washington Nationals and that person is __________________; however, the official announcement won’t happen today and might not happen tomorrow as the World Series starts on Tuesday which would mean this official announcement could take until after the World Series ends.

Our source has said repeatedly Bud Black was offered the deal first but it has not been fully negotiated and signed.

As you know, until the deal is signed and terms agreed to it is not a done deal.

Well, now that the Mets blew it (again), the World Series is over. That means the press conference to announce Bud Black as the manager could be today if the deal gets done. So here are some questions for the press conference, including some that almost certainly won’t be asked.

So what are your questions?

  1. Are you looking forward to helping Drew Storen be a better reliever/closer?
  2. Who are your closer candidates?
  3. How would you handle a player ripping your line-up card off the wall?
  4. What do you think about having one of your better hitters bunt with your best hitter on deck?
  5. What is your LOOGY/ROOGY philosophy?
  6. Your thoughts on the cult of the closer?
  7. Was Davey Johnson right about replay – play them on the big screen and let the on-field crew make the decision?
  8. Comment please on the philoophy of small-ball vs. the 3-run HR?
  9. What should Rizzo’s first FA priority be?
  10. Is Bryce Harper worth a $400M contract?

Any suggested question in the comments that receives 3 more up-votes than down-votes will be added to this list (properly acknowledged):

  1. Scenario Question: You’re in the dugout and you hear a skirmish between players at the far end of the dugout. What do you do? by rayvil01 
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