Avoiding a ‘Black’ eye: Make the pen mightier than the sword. Dusty Baker or Bud Black #Nats

It’s never a deal until pen is on paper by both parties.  Earlier this evening we found out that the Bud Black deal was not close to a ‘done deal’ much to our surprise as all these other reports were not accurate.  In fact, we were told there was a snag.

We posted this earlier:

BREAKING 7:15PM 11/2/2015: Our Source: the Bud Black hiring has hit a snag over years in the contract. Will this get worked out?  We sure hope so!

We Tweeted this at 7:18PM:



Then 36 minutes later, James Wagner tweeted this:

Then 2 hours 42 minutes later:

On October 23rd at 8:41AM, we broke the news that Dusty Baker would join Bud Black as a finalist for Nats 6th manager: TALKNATS Link: BREAKING: Dusty Baker a finalist

UPDATE 10:45PM 11/2/15 Now this from Jon Heyman suggests that Baker might be offered the job:

Updated 11:20PM 11/2/2015:  Now this:

Let’s go back to what we wrote on October 26th (a week ago) and very important on the bold type.

As we posted on October 26, 2015 at 8:03PM EST:

“Our source has told us that Mike Rizzo has made his decision on who will be the 6th full-time manager for the Washington Nationals and that person is __________________; however, the official announcement won’t happen today and might not happen tomorrow as the World Series starts on Tuesday which would mean this official announcement could take until after the World Series ends.”

“Our source has said repeatedly it’s Bud Black and just waiting for the contract to be negotiated and signed.”

That’s no small feat to get contracts negotiated and signed and to assume otherwise is why we are where we are in this very public situation.

h/t to PowerBoater69 for this:

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