A wild pitch! Dusty Baker officially named 6th manager of the #Nats

As we wrote last night after we broke the news that there was a snag in the Bud Black deal and have said dozens of times “It’s never a deal until pen is on paper by both parties” and it is now! Dusty Baker is officially named the Nats manager.  Early last we found out that the Bud Black deal was not close to a ‘done deal’ much to our surprise as all these other reports were not accurate.  In fact, we were told there was a snag.


We posted this earlier last night:

BREAKING 7:15PM 11/2/2015: Our Source: the Bud Black hiring has hit a snag over years in the contract. Will this get worked out?  We sure hope so!

We Tweeted this at 7:18PM:



Then 36 minutes later, James Wagner tweeted this and subsequent reports says this was not possible as talks had totally broken off with Bud Black:

Then 2 hours 42 minutes later:

On October 23rd at 8:41AM, we broke the news that Dusty Baker would join Bud Black as a finalist for Nats 6th manager and as we pointed out Baker was impressive: TALKNATS Link: BREAKING: Dusty Baker a finalist

At 7:22AM my text message was Bet on Baker. Done deal. Shocking and stunned. More to follow.

UPDATED 8:45AM 11/3/2015:  It was Dusty Baker and Bud Black as the 2 finalists. The Bud Black offer couldn’t get negotiated to the terms of years as we reported at 7:15pm last night.  Mike Rizzo never sent Dusty Baker a rejection.  Our source said, “there was both candidates as finalists and it came down to who was comfortable with the deal that was offered to both which was essentially the same deal.  Dusty Baker was good with the terms.  Alot of the other noise out there on the social media is creating issues that really is not accurate.  This happens all the times behind the scenes where you negotiate with more than 1 candidate. Bud Black was an excellent candidate from the start and as we told you. You have to be comfortable with the terms and Dusty Baker was. “

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