So you want to be a manager? Dusty Baker took the job that most thought Bud Black would get.

We will repeat this that there are only 30 MLB Managers jobs in the world.  Compare that to a typical 750 man workforce of MLB players made up of 60 catchers,  90 outfielders, 120 non-catching bench players, 120 infielders, 150 starting pitchers, and 210 relief pitchers is the total make-up of the MLB.

With a population of 320,090,000 citizens of the USA, your odds of making it as a MLB manager are about a .00000000937 chance and even worse when you consider they could hire a non-US citizen.  Your odds of winning a Mega lottery jackpot in a year has even better odds at .0000000649 on a per person basis.  Your chance of getting struck by lightning is even better at .0000000143 than being an active MLB manager.

The reported $1.6 million a year with an incentive package rumored to be offered to Bud Black is in the top 1/3 of MLB manager compensation if reports are accurate.

The man that just took the Mets to a World Series just signed a new 2 year contract. Certainly that report is accurate as Terry Collins will have a  press conference tomorrow.  You have to wonder why it was only 2 years.  Seems odd for a manager that just accomplished what he did.  Sometimes 2 years is better than nothing.

Yes, to be offered a 1 year contract as a potential new managerial hire is ridiculous, but sometimes negotiations start at ridiculous points and unfortunately for the Nats, this became very public.  Watch Colin Cowherd Make Fun Of The Nats    A 2 year deal with team options is not a far fetched deal in today’s managerial market, and supposedly that was the counter0ffer to Bud Black.  If you believe in yourself and the mission at hand you parlay that short-term deal into something better as Joe Girardi did with the Yankees.

In the strangest twist, the job that Bud Black reportedly turned down was quickly accepted by Dusty Baker on almost the same terms according to multiple reports on a 2 year guaranteed deal.

We have asked Bud Black to comment here, and have not heard back from him.  Hopefully he will.  He might be able to give a more accurate side to this than what is being reported elsewhere.

We have to say that all the interviews we had with people that know and love Buddy Black makes this more difficult as this news of Bud not taking the job is like losing someone you sort of knew but really liked. Baseball and life are about 2nd chances and Bud Black will certainly get another chance, and we wish him luck in the future.

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