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The Nats offseason is like a great crime novel! Starlin Castro emerges! UPDATE: Asdrubal is back!

The Washington Nationals offseason is as good as a great crime novel. The young CEO and two of his managers were killed while the star salesman was near death and survived while the longest tenured employee contemplates retirement. You can … Continue reading

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The math says the Mets, Nats, Braves, Phillies, Marlins are the current pole positions in the NL East

All of the NL East teams have made key moves in this offseason, and the Mets currently have the highest team WAR in the NL East at 43.9 according to Fangraphs. The Nats are at a 41.0 WAR followed by … Continue reading

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Days of Rest – Why Only for Pitchers? Could the Howie system work for Zim?

Baseball analytics cover most anything you want to analyze including days-of-rest statistics if you can crunch the numbers yourself for position players. If you go to the Baseball-Reference and look at the splits for pitchers, you see their numbers broken … Continue reading

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Remember that time when Rizzo snagged his Plan C on Xmas eve of 2015?

The 2015 season was a disaster for the Washington Nationals which started with much promise when the Lerners ponied up $210 million to bag the prize of free agency that year in Max Scherzer. In Spring Training, the infamous line … Continue reading

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Sometimes Plan B works out better in the long run!

Revisiting some thoughts from last year when the Nationals pivoted to their Plan B, it turned out to be the moves that pushed the Nats over the top. The Patrick Corbin acquisition not only provided the starting pitching depth the … Continue reading

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Rizzo is holding firm for now on Donaldson and all other infield moves

The Washington Nationals are the World Series champs, and that should give General Manager Mike Rizzo a little bit of extra time on assembling his 2020 roster. He indicated that he would move swiftly after the Winter Meetings, but now … Continue reading

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Rizzo Should Make a Trade for…

The defending World Series Champions were an integral part of two of the three biggest stories to emerge from the 2019 Winter Meetings in San Diego (if you thought the third one was Gerrit Cole, you thought wrong ;-).

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The Winter Meetings are over and the #Nats now need a 3rd baseman and have other needs!

There was little activity yesterday after a lot of action at the Winter Meetings which are officially over for this offseason even though we are not even technically in the winter months. The Nationals, Yankees, and the Angels spent big … Continue reading

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Who’s on third? #Nats still have big decisions to make!

The Washington Nationals struck quickly on the first full day of the Winter Meetings in San Diego, re-signing World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg to return their all-world rotation from 2019.

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The Winter Meetings open up in San Diego; Nats payroll is open for business!

As the Winter Meetings officially open in San Diego, most of the key participants will be relaxing today with some golf at Torrey Pines and some other golf venues ahead of the some wining and dining at the Hilton San … Continue reading

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