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The 2019 Watchlist

Originally published on I think the “WKRP to Cincinnati” trade is it for 2018, which means it’s safe to put the finishing touches on the Washington Nationals 2019 Watchlist. It feels like this was one of the most difficult … Continue reading

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Can Mike Rizzo upgrade at second base? #Nats

When Howie Kendrick‘s season ended on May 19th in the 8th inning with an achilles tendon injury, it has led to much doubt that the player who turns 36 next season can recover to be effective on defense. Nationals general … Continue reading

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Is there any way for the #Nats to re-sign Bryce Harper and keep payroll under $206 million?

For those fans who are still wishing for the Washington Nationals to re-sign Bryce Harper, you must consider that money and desire are two driving forces that are not necessarily mutually exclusive for the Nationals. While the Nats are dealing … Continue reading

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How many more moves does Mike Rizzo have to make?

One of the busiest people in Washington, D.C. is not a politician or a lobbyist although Mike Rizzo’s job entails a lot of skills that those on Capitol Hill need to be effective just like the general manager of the … Continue reading

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Mike Rizzo adds the big lefty bat with “Big City” Matt Adams

The Washington Nationals made their seventh big league deal of this off-season re-signing Matt Adams to a one-year deal with a mutual option for 2020. Adams will receive $3 million for his 2019 salary according to reports with a mutual … Continue reading

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Breaking: Sources say Tanner Roark is being shopped for trades!

News broke this morning in a quite public way that Tanner Roark is available for trade which hit Twitter on a tweet from Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan. From the  beginning of the off-season’s roster realignments, Roark was listed by us … Continue reading

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The #Nats aren’t done shopping yet!

The Washington Nationals had a great time on Friday. Perhaps you heard? Patrick Corbin‘s first day at #̶N̶a̶t̶s̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶k̶ home. — Washington Nationals (@Nationals) December 7, 2018 Yes, two-time All-Star and Nats top pitching target Patrick Corbin is now … Continue reading

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#Nats increase their title chances by one Brazilian!

After a topsy-turvy afternoon of trade rumors today, the Washington Nationals emerged with sought-after catcher Yan Gomes, formerly of the Cleveland Indians. Reports had linked both the division-rival New York Mets and former playoff nemeses the Los Angeles Dodgers to … Continue reading

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Decision day on arbitration eligible players. Tender or non-tender?

Normally, tendering arbitration eligible players is a no-brainer on the deadline day. Today is that day for all MLB teams that will have to formally make decisions on tender/non-tender for 2019 contracts to unsigned players who are not signed to … Continue reading

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Bryce Harper and his advisers should consider the state/local tax implications

Most of the fan bases have created photoshop images and memes of Bryce Harper in their team’s uniform. The Winter Meetings start in exactly two weeks in Harper’s hometown of Las Vegas and get ready for a barrage of Harper … Continue reading

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