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They call him FoF, Mr. National, and Mr. Walk-off; Fourteen years ago, he achieved a first in his career!

He is the original. A one-of-a-kind. Ryan Zimmerman was the Washington Nationals first draft pick ever selected, and it paid dividends immediately as he became the “Face of the Franchise” (FoF) for a team that lacked star power for years. … Continue reading

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The #Nats cut 6 players today! Difo still standing!

At a time you would expect the butterflies to be swirling in the mid-section of players as they approached the pre-game of Opening Day which has been postponed most likely for at least two months due to COVID-19, the Washington … Continue reading

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If the #Nats could play ball, who would be on the team?

The news has moved so fast that it’s strange to think that, barely more than a week ago, the Washington Nationals were still playing Grapefruit League games. It’s strange, too, to think that if not for the coronavirus pandemic that … Continue reading

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The majority of minor leaguers are on their own and living far below the poverty line; Where is their help in this COVID-19 crisis?

We all know the kids in camp who we used to call back in the day “bonus babies” because they just signed for big bucks. Most minor leaguers live on wages below the poverty line, and no, this is not … Continue reading

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Another game, another hit for the teenage prospect Luis Garcia and the man who scouted him: Jonny DiPuglia!

Okay, Jonny DiPuglia has no hits to his record, but the players he has scouted and signed have plenty of key hits on their record and helped the Washington Nationals win a World Series. Another one of Jonny’s youngsters is … Continue reading

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Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo has a decision to make on some players by 2 pm tomorrow

As we are arriving at the 16th day of Spring Training, MLB sets the first Spring Training severance clock at 2 pm for teams to part ways with players under the 16 percent non-guaranteed contract clause which covers most arbitration … Continue reading

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Don’t worry about third base for the Washington Nationals — There is a plan!

As you read opinion pieces around the “Natmosphere” on the state of the Washington Nationals, you will almost certainly encounter some of the “world is ending” drama given the slow starts in Spring Training by the three players expected to … Continue reading

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A rare off-day in Spring Training gives some players a chance to get healthy!

All teams deal with their share of Spring Training maladies, and the fortunate teams are the ones dealing with minor tweaks and bruises to key players. The Nationals now have three players on the unofficial injured list with minor issues, … Continue reading

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Jake Noll and Clint Robinson certainly give hope to NRIs (Non-Roster Invitees) in #Nats Spring Training Camp!

As the magician says, “Pick a card, any card from the deck” of fifty-two cards is a much easier trick than trying to make the Opening Day roster as an NRI (non-roster invitee), but it is possible.  In a blind … Continue reading

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The Nats Opening Day roster will look very different in the infield and bullpen! Fangraphs projects major regression in the rotation!

As position players arrive at the Washington Nationals spring training facility in West Palm Beach, the count today should be 62-players in big league camp this year. There is always the remote possibility that another move(s) could be made. If … Continue reading

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