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The new and projectible Trea Turner compared to Rickey Henderson and Tim Raines

Possibly the biggest news out of the Washington Nationals camp yesterday was when manager Dave Martinez disclosed his entire batting order, and yes, Trea Turner is his choice at lead-off with Adam Eaton in the 2-hole. Last season it was … Continue reading

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“And then what?” A Bryce Perspective

It is often said that life imitates art.  Actually, it’s the other way around.  But, the idea that what we witness on a daily basis can be captured in just a few hundred pages of writing or a few hours … Continue reading

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You all knew this day was coming when Bryce Harper signed; Unfortunately it is the Phillies!

Bryce Harper has signed with the Phillies. We all knew that Bryce Harper would sign a long-term contract before the season started. Some thought it would take this long while others who were polled thought he would sign much sooner … Continue reading

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Anthony Rendon: To Extend, or Not To Extend; That is the Question!

We have a great third basemen; among the best in the game, and his name is Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals. He is going to be a free agent if he is not locked by the end of October … Continue reading

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Are Long Term Free Agent Contracts Worth the Risk

As we count down the minutes before the Bryce Harper announcement this article analyzes whether mega free agent contracts pay off for the teams and looks at some alternatives to calm the current labor situation. The Nats players are mad … Continue reading

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Memo to Ted Lerner: Make One More Offer to Bryce Harper

It has been a while since I’ve written a post here. I am tired of waiting out the Bryce Harper drama. Just like I was when I wrote An urgent request from Nats fans to Mike Rizzo & the Lerners: Fire … Continue reading

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Who the heck is that guy? — 2019 edition! New faces at #Nats spring training

It’s that time again! The Washington Nationals have (finally) revealed their slate of non-roster invitees to spring training. We head into camp at West Palm Beach, Florida, eager to see what’s new and different in 2019 from last year’s disappointing … Continue reading

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Rumor: Bryce Harper will sign by Valentine’s Day! #Poll

Bryce Harper is very adept at creating cryptic messages. Sometimes it feels like he has mastered the art of trolling.  A few months ago, he tweeted out a photo that Juan Soto Instagram’d with the hashtag “TopFlight” and a few … Continue reading

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The “Best 25 go north” as the 2019 roster is almost complete for the #Nats, Hellickson in the rumor mill!

The Washington Nationals roster could be complete, but it seems like the roster is missing a couple of pieces. No, this is not referring to Bryce Harper, rather this is referring to back of the roster pieces. Last year, Jeremy … Continue reading

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“Don’t sell me short” — Bryce Harper on exceeding a $400 Million contract!

Players are throwing in their 2¢ on the Bryce Harper/Manny Machado stalemate. Yesterday it was Evan Longoria and Kris Bryant. Players are protecting their turf, but maybe the irrational exuberance of the past has been replaced by teams tanking leaving … Continue reading

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