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Optimism and Natitude align after the Draft!

People can choose their outlook on life — but if you are not more optimistic today as a Washington Nationals fan than you were on August 2, 2022, I don’t know what to tell you. The Nats pulled off the … Continue reading

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Déjà vu all over again — 1,324 days apart, and on the same 90 feet of dirt and grass!

You could not even script tonight’s game to be like Game 6 of the 2019 World Series with the interference play on Trea Turner, but yet it happened tonight — and the Washington Nationals end up on the wrong side … Continue reading

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LSU head coach: Paul Skenes is the “closest comparison since Stephen Strasburg”

The Washington Nationals franchise was in a dark and ominous place a year ago as Juan Soto was turning down record-breaking offers from the Nats — a team that was rumored to be sold imminently at the time. Also, the … Continue reading

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Potential Impact of the MLB Competitive Balance Tax on the Nats Payroll

Having crossed the MLB Competitive Balance Tax threshold for the first time possibly in 2017, the luxury tax will start to have a major impact on the Nats’ payroll decisions in the upcoming years, that is a fact. What that … Continue reading

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Winter’s Dream For A Baseball Fan

In our minds is an image that has been nurtured by the cold, dark evenings of an interminable winter.  Our young men bound out of the dugout wearing bridal veil white uniforms into the blinding sunshine set against impossibly green … Continue reading

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Pace of Play

Pace of play. This is a term that I feel has been shoved down my throat since Rob Manfred took over as commissioner of MLB in January of 2015. He has talked at length about the need to speed up … Continue reading

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“The Nationals have a very familiar problem…”

When the Washington Nationals finished their 2016 campaign with a heartbreaking one-run loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, they lost the services of closer Mark Melancon, acquired at the trade deadline in a deal that cost Washington promising left-handed fireballer … Continue reading

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