Is Top Prospect Dylan Crews from LSU going to make the Nationals a Postseason Team in 2024?

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As the dust of the 2023 MLB Draft settles, Washington Nationals fans will spend the offseason on free agency and will turns their attention to the promising minor league top prospects hoping to revitalize and redefine this team. One such prospect is former LSU standout Dylan Crews, now under the banner of the Washington Nationals. But the looming question remains: Can he help to transform the Nationals into postseason contenders next season? That is a high bar, but not out of the realm of possibilities if the right players are signed to the roster this offseason.

A Hopeful Future With Crews?

Less than four years ago, we were enthralled in the euphoria of the 2019 World Series victory for the Nationals and that seems distant with the team having disappointing seasons since then. As of this afternoon, the Nats are 9.0 games behind the Diamondbacks for the last National League Wild Card spot. There is almost no chance of the Nats leapfrogging seven teams to reach the postseason. Finish with a promising record to give hope for building further upon that next year.  

Though the Nationals are presently not in the best of shapes, the addition of Crews to their prospect roster has sparked hope among fans and experts alike. The anticipation is palpable.

“I’m going to keep bringing what I’ve been bringing to the table, and hopefully, [we] will bring [another] World Series to this organization.”

— Crews said after the draft

Of course Crews has already proven to be a winner from youth championships to the 2023 College World Series championship with LSU on his extensive résumé, and his ultimate goal going forward is that MLB World Series championship with the Nats.

Dylan Crews: The Collegiate Legend

College baseball has been graced by several greats, but few have shown such promise and dominance as Dylan Crews during his tenure at LSU. His achievements and statistics portray a player who’s seemingly superhuman on the field.

LSU Achievements and Staggering Stats

The year 2023 saw Crews clinch the Golden Spikes award. His batting record stood at .426/.567/.713, with 16 doubles, 18 home runs, 70 RBI, and a remarkable 100 runs.

Furthermore, out of his 938 plate appearances at LSU, Crews touched the base 467 times – be it by hit, walk, or being hit by a pitch. This equates to a jaw-dropping on-base percentage of .498.

Even in the fiercely competitive SEC, such stats are nearly unheard of. To add to the awe, his OPS throughout his three college seasons read 1.116, 1.153, and 1.280. Crews wasn’t just a member of the LSU team; he was its central character, spearheading the squad to victory in the College World Series.

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The Nationals’ Investment in Crews

Photo by Sol Tucker for TalkNats

In the world of baseball, talent is nearly priceless. The Nationals’ hefty $9 million signing bonus for Crews is a testament to their belief in his potential. 

After his college career, Crews was quick to ascend the minor league ranks, leaving a trail of impressive stats even in the FCL and Single-A Fredericksburg. Though the stats at Double-A Harrisburg in their small sample size might appear modest, Crews’ rapid rise through the ranks is a testament to his potential and the Nationals’ faith in him.

A Glimpse Into Crews’ Minor League Journey

The transition from college baseball to the minor leagues is challenging. For Crews, however, it seems just another opportunity to shine. 

Within the short span post the draft, Crews’ performance propelled him through the Nationals farm system. A notable 14-game run at Single-A was quickly followed by a promotion to Double-A, where, despite going 6-for-34 in just 10 games, the pace of his advancement showcases his inherent talent and the organization’s trust in his abilities. Crews did not play on Sunday prompting some to wonder where he will be today.

Predictions for the Nationals’ Future

Forecasting baseball team performance is as much about reading stats as it is about gauging team dynamics and potential. 

The Nationals’ path back to prominence might be long, but it is lit with hope. With Crews onboard, there’s an inkling of potential playoff contention by 2024 or 2025. Yet, a more realistic target might be to just wait and see. One thing’s certain: the Nationals’ journey towards respectability is in full swing.

Closing Thoughts

Baseball, much like life, is a game of uncertainties and possibilities. Teams, regardless of past triumphs, are always one season away from a slump or one promising draft pick away from a resurgence.

The Ebb and Flow of the Nationals

The Washington Nationals have felt the highs of a World Series victory and the subsequent lows of slipping away from postseason contention. But as they say in baseball, “there’s always next season.” With talents like Dylan Crews on board, the Nationals have begun sowing the seeds for their next rise.

Crews’ Potential Impact

Crews, with his astounding college stats and quick ascent through the minor leagues, embodies the future for the Washington Nationals. It’s players like him, who bring both skill and spirit, that can invigorate a team. While it’s early to predict the exact impact he’ll have, his track record suggests the Nationals have a potential star in the making.

A Renewed Hope for Fans

For the loyal Nationals fanbase, the addition of Crews symbolizes more than just another player. It’s a beacon of hope, a promise of thrilling games, and the potential return to postseason glories. While the road ahead might still be long and filled with challenges, there’s renewed optimism in the air.

Embracing the Journey Ahead

It’s easy to fixate on the destination — the dream of another World Series title. However, the journey itself, with its ups and downs, twists and turns, offers its own rewards. With Crews in the mix, the Nationals are not just aiming for trophies; they’re looking to craft memorable moments, unforgettable matches, and a legacy that goes beyond mere statistics.

The next few seasons promise to be a riveting blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned expertise. Fans, players, and analysts alike would do well to savor each pitch, each game, each season, embracing the unique journey that only baseball can offer.

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