The Kids Do Love It – Donate Your Unused RCR Points

Photo By WarningTrackPower

We are repeating the initiative we started last year, collecting items from the RCR program to donate to the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy that supports scholar athletes from under-served communities. This is a collaborative effort of TalkNats and two FaceBook groups: Nationals RCR Codes and DIEHARD NATIONALS FANS.

This effort is a repeat of what we did last year, as described in Donate Your Unused Red Carpet Rewards Points to the Nationals Youth Academy.

The best option is to just donate your points. You can send an email to [email protected] (a burner email address that will be valid for the duration of this initiative) and we will reply with the account to transfer your points to. Donating points will allow us to select an appropriate mix of kids items appropriate for the various age groups of the scholar athletes.

While donating points is the easiest and preferred option, if you want to select items yourself that’s fine. Just forward the email receipt you get, which contains the PDF QR code for each item, to the same email mentioned above: [email protected].

Here are the steps to donate your RCR points using the Ballpark App. The steps are similar using on your computer.

  1. Log in to the Ballpark App and select the Red Carpet Rewards icon.

  2. On this screen click on the three vertical bars in the upper right.

  3. From this screen select account.

  4. You will now see this as the top. Click on the trophy to go to Points Management

  5. Scroll down and under Points Transfer, select Non-Partner and enter the account number we send you.

As many of you know, WarningTrackPower has been both a mentor and volunteer coach at the Academy for almost six years. It is so much more than just a baseball and softball venue. Going there are the highlights of his week.  They give out swag every so often to the  scholar athletes for exemplary behavior. The kids relish the praise, and these items are a great add-on to that recognition. So thank you for your donations.

Here’s one example from this past summer. WTP warmed up with a boy about 6 years old. After a while, the boy got the hang of throwing — step and throw, but he still hadn’t caught one.  In these cases WTP aims for the glove and tries to make a “basket” to give them confidence.

Eventually the boy caught one. He was so excited. On the very next throw he caught it again. We were both jumping up and down. Then he held up his hand and said, “Hold on. I want to tell my mother I caught the ball.” WTP told him to go for it. He then raced across the field to the bleachers to tell his mom the good news. Whereupon WTP waved to his mother.  These kinds of heartwarming scenes are common at NYA, and your donations will help us support these kids and promote the sport we love.  Thank you.

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