Who Are You Rooting For to Win the World Series

As a fan of the Nationals, who are you rooting for to win the WS? The two teams are among (at least among Nats fans) are, or should be, the most hated.

And yes, the pejorative spellings of the team names is intentional.

Don’s Take: I really wish the Padres or the Mariners or the Guardians or the Blue Jays had made the WS, but they didn’t. It would have been an easier choice.

Yes, there are still some starters on the Astros from the cheaters regime (Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve and Gurriel). From my perspective the Nats put them in their place by beating them in 2019. So, my wanting Dusty to finally get a WS ring, combined with my memories of what it was like to go to a game against the Phillies at Nationals Park, makes rooting for Dusty a relatively easy, but still uncomfortable, choice.

Steve’s Take: The Phillies would not even be in the postseason this year if it weren’t for two factors:

  • A 3rd wild card which the Phillies got with only 87 wins.
  • The universal DH which gave Bryce Harper a spot to play during NL games since he can’t throw the ball with the tear in his UCL.

For me, it is Astros over Phillies. I can’t root for those vile fans.

Bregman’s grandfather worked for the Washington Senators. That goes a long way for me as I always like that connection but then he was part of the Astros cheaters.

Bottom line: Lesser of two evils for me is Go Dusty! 

Your Take: Weigh in on the poll and in the comments.


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