Bold Predictions, Bold Wishes, Bold Dreams for the #Nats

Time to have some fun with bold predictions, bold wishes, bold dreams – along with your rationale for why they might be a good idea for moves for the Washington Nationals.  And predictions like signing Justin Turner or Marcell Ozuna do not qualify unless they are really off-the-wall. The Nationals only have two spots remaining on their 40-man roster so we are doing two bold ideas. But remember, general manager Mike Rizzo could make more than two moves and DFA or trade someone off of the 40-man roster to free up space.

Steve, Sao, Andrew and I will all make a couple of bold predictions. And we ask the TalkNats folks to add their own in the comments section. And we have created a poll for whether you like the ones we have included here. 


  1. Trade for Jose Ramirez without giving up Jackson Rutledge, Cade Cavalli, Luis Garcia and Victor Robles makes that a tall order. That move puts the Nats immediately into the Top-4 with the Dodgers, Padres and Mets in the National League.
  2. Sign Adam Duvall. He would be the hedge you want if there was going to be a DH in case Kyle Schwarber takes the bulk of the DH swings it would probably move Andrew Stevenson to the primary right fielder and Duvall in a bench role.


  1. Sign Yadier Molina for two years. My rationale is that with Rutledge or Cavalli as possible starters in 2020, signing Molina is like what the Nats did with Pudge (aka Ivan Rodriguez) when Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman were young. A experienced, almost certain HOF catcher, to mentor them.
  2. Sign Kolten Wong for two years. The Nats can play Starlin Castro at third and if Carter Kieboom comes thru in the minors, he takes over 3B in 2020. Allows for time to see if Kieboom can  be a reasonable options at 3B. It allows for Luis Garcia and Kieboom to spend time improving in the minors. If Kieboom spends just 20 or so days in the minors, he does not earn a year of service time in 2021; Garcia only needs 47 days (per Baseball-Reference) to earn a year of service time in 2021 so that is less likely.


  1. The Nationals will sign another veteran starting pitcher. This could just be a minors deal with an invitation to spring training, but they will bring in someone to compete with Joe Ross et al. for the fifth starter spot, just as they did in past years with Jeremy Hellickson and Bronson Arroyo when they had question marks surrounding the last spot in the rotation.
  2. Brock Holt will return. He wasn’t an impact player for the Nats in 2020, but he did everything that was asked of him and formed a nice tandem of do-it-all utilitymen with Josh Harrison, who is already back with the team. Holt will re-sign and have an inside track on a bench spot for Opening Day.


1. A trade for a third baseman seems like the move that could happen and since JRam has been discussed I will go back to Kris Bryant or Eugenio Suarez. I like the idea of Suarez given that he would not take top prospects like JRam, and he is cost controlled. Of course my idea last year for Kyle Seager doesn’t sound as good anymore. Eduardo Escobar would be fine also. Infielders are running low and the wildest idea would be to sign DiDi Gregorious to play third base.

2. My second bold prediction isn’t too bold and I’m thinking Kevin Pillar would be a good fit for this team as a right-hander who can play all 3 outfield positions and if there is a DH to move Schwarber to that spot then Andrew Stevenson and Pillar will get a lot of playing time.

What do you think of these ideas, and what bold predictions do you have?

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