The Firm will be back for 2018; Kintzler comes back to the #Nats

Kintzler, Doolittle, Madson

“The Firm” by Marlene Koenig for TalkNats

With the announcement that the Washington Nationals have re-signed Brandon Kintzler, “The Firm” will be back together for 2018. What had been a very quiet Winter Meetings for the Nationals is now a partial success with a team friendly deal bringing back Brandon Kintzler on a two-year deal plus a team option at $5 million a year plus some large incentives.

Kintzler had said he wanted to come back to the Nationals and made it clear he did not want to break the bank. He is a man of his words, and Kintzler will return to the Nationals rejoining Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to keep the back-of-the-bullpen intact in what was known as “The Firm”.

The Nationals bullpen looks like eight or nine players for 7 spots:

  1. Sean Doolittle
  2. Ryan Madson
  3. Brandon Kintzler
  4. Koda Glover
  5. Enny Romero
  6. Sammy Solis
  7. Shawn Kelley, A.J. Cole, Wander Suero

The Nationals will have to decide if they want the 7th spot in the bullpen for a long-man (A.J. Cole) or stick with Shawn Kelley and hope for a rebound. Wander Suero still has MiLB options and will most likely be a swing man to fill-in if there is an injury or other need in the bullpen.

Relievers have been signing during these Winter Meetings for $5.5 million a year looking at the Gregerson deal to Neshek at $8 million a deal for the set-up men. Kintzler took the lowest deal so far in his peer group although his incentives package could put him at numbers much closer to Neshek.

What’s Next For Mike Rizzo?

The Nationals have one deal in the books for the Winter Meetings. With few needs in this off-season, Mike Rizzo will continue to look upgrade the bench, back-up catcher, and another starting pitcher.

Expect some more rumors coming out of Orlando today. The action will continue today at the Disney resort with more rumors involving the Washington Nationals. Can Mike Rizzo finish a trade today?

Rumors have swirled that the Nationals were “in” on a trade for Marcell Ozuna as well as being linked to several starting pitchers. We will see what Mike Rizzo and his staff can do in the final hours of the Winter Meetings.


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