#Nats Game #3 Instant Analysis

The story of this game was:

  • BABIP (that favored the Marlins and hurt the Nats).
  • Not great defense.
  • And what appeared to be an uncharacteristically very bad game by Lance Barksdale. Probably need to retract this
    I want to clone Lance Barkdale so he can be the Home Plate Umpire for every game.
    fromĀ Umpires vs. PitchFx Game Day Data

So not much good news. But there is some.

    • Daniel Murphy‘s 3 RBI triple. And if not for the Nats issues on defense, Giancarlo Stanton might have been a candidate for the most badly misplayed ball.
    • Bryce Harper‘s HR.
  • Shawn Kelley bounced back and looked like the guy we hoped we were getting for late inning relief.

At the current pace, the Nats will win 108 games and Bryce will have the same number of Home Runs :-). And yea, that won’t happen. Just like the bad stuff won’t continue.

159 more Regular Season games to enjoy.

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