St. Paddy’s Day & Another Spring Training Thursday: Strasburg, Harper, Zimmerman, Werth, Ramos were there

Crawling out of bed at 4:10 AM this morning to head to Viera, we had to remind ourselves that the reward was Harp and Zim, JDub and Ant-knee, Stras and the Buffalo. OK, it was worth it.

There was baseball in Space Coast Stadium today! No one will care, and few will remember, that the Nats walked off the Braves 9-7 on a three run homer by Chris Heisey, with den Dekker and Martinson aboard. Bake had to have an extra bit of pride that another of his former Reds came through in winnin’ time. And no one was injured.

Zim, Werth, and Ramos all went deep. Harp walked three times and scored twice. No one got hurt…. although Ben Revere took a tumble on the warning track of each gap trying to chase down a ground rule double and one of the more unusual home runs we may see this year, getting a glove on the ball, only to see it bounce several feet off of his glove and over the wall.

Stras had the classic “working on things” day. He seemed to be working on fastball command and from our vantage he threw mostly fastballs, with predictable results. Petit and Shawn (why not “Sean” on St Paddy’s Day) Kelley were each roughed up for 2 runs. And no one was injured.

All in all, an ordinary March Thursday in Viera. And no one was injured.

With luck, we’ll get to minor league camp tomorrow afternoon before the evening game in Port St. Lucie.




Danial Murphy, aka Standing Pigeon (a yoga pose)



Clint greets his fans



A solitary bird in flight

bryce harper freddie freeman green jersey DSC2904-cropped



“So, they walk you all the time too?” (Harp’s first of three BBs)

_DSC2933 cropped


Zim pulls his hands in (monster HR to center on next pitch!)

_DSC2922 cropped


Foot down early, but Anthony lines out to left


Trea juggles… don’t quit your day job

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