NatsFest is NatsWinterFest and players and Dusty are all on the same page.

There are those teams that believe “United we stand, divided we fall” and we heard many soundbites in the last 24 hours along those lines on the Papelbon and Harper relationship.

As we reported in the comments section on Friday night at 8:06pm, “I’ve heard no Papelbon on Winterfest. If anyone goes, let us know…My source told me that Papelbon had another function to attend that he didn’t think he could get out of.”

As it turned out the scheduling conflict was “out of the country”. As they say, how convenient.

The Nats GM, Manager, coaches and players had plenty to say over the last day and that will make for some good posts this week.  There was talk of Aroldis, Papelbon, Storen who also didn’t make it, Gott was sick, and Espinosa wants to be the Nats starting shortstop. Mike Maddux talked for quite a while, and Bryce did his thing and Werth did his, and most of all it looked liked the kids were having fun.

Post up pictures here and add your favorite moments and quotes as Laura Peebles did:

“Some additional notes from Winterfest (the State of the Nats session). This was not Q & A from…” — Laura Peebles

“Winterfest, part 2: The kids’ press conference. Scene: kids sitting on red beanbags in front of…” — Laura Peebles

The Nats give you 25 seconds of Bryce and this little girl named Elodie.

The whole song

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