Songs About Baseball

There have been plenty of online comments, including by MLB players on their favorite baseball movie. But what about songs?

Here is just one of the many online articles about the best baseball songs.

This is a pretty short post. Please weigh in on what your favorite is. Mine is Centerfield by John Fogerty. In the aborted Covid season, the LA Dodgers invited him to perform Centerfield while in Centerfield of Chavez Ravine.

And just two points about baseball songs:

  • Geddy Lee of Rush is a big MLB fan. He collects MLB memorabilia. That is something I just discovered. How many folks know that?
  • Not sure what comedian said this (think it was George Carlin), but he commented on how silly/stupid it is to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame when you are at the ball game.

So what is your favorite song about baseball? And please post a link to a performance.

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