Game #100 Ryan Zimmerman is in the house!

The Washington Nationals do not currently have a Face of the Franchise. Dylan Crews could be that player to fill the vacant cleats that Ryan Zimmerman left behind when he retired. Those are some mighty big cleats. Sure, Employee #11 was in the house today to stir up some social media chatter from some lesser-informed fans thinking he wants to make a comeback. Nope, no comeback for Zim. He is actually on the Nats payroll in general manager Mike Rizzo’s front office. He was taking some groundballs for fun. He was a day late from seeing Crews because Zim had a scheduled appearance at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s all good. They will see each other at some point.

Yesterday, the Nats put their first three game sweep on the books in over two years, or to be more specific, 767 days. Given that today is game 100, a Nats’ win will make the math easy with a .420 winning percentage and on a 68-win pace, but if they lose, a .410 winning percentage and on a 66-win pace. The former would be better than the latter, and fans want to see better baseball from this team in Nationals Park.

“Other relievers are going to have to step up.

— manager Dave Martinez said

The Nats starting pitchers have a combined ERA of 4.57 for 18th best in MLB. The Nats are within 2 points of leapfrogging the Mets and Dodgers, two potential playoff teams.

Here is how they rank:

No. 5 Starter: Patrick Corbin 4.89
No. 4 Starter: Jake Irvin 4.87
No. 3 Starter: Trevor Williams 4.38
No. 2 Starter: MacKenzie Gore 4.37
No. 1 Starter: Josiah Gray 3.45

Here is your Baseball Savant Statcast Link for the game.

Washington Nationals vs. Colorado Rockies

Stadium: Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.
1st Pitch: 7:05 pm EDT
Radio: 106.7 The Fan radio and via the MLB app

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