Game #28 The Nats are in NYC again, this time to face the Yankees!

In 2015, the Washington Nationals acquired Max Scherzer in a way that looked reminiscent of how George Steinbrenner would add to his Yankees rosters in an abundance of riches. The one lesson is that you are never guaranteed a World Series win even if you have the best statistical roster. It was Nats’ team owner, Ted Lerner, who was nearly 90 years old at the time, and he gave a gift to Nats’ fans by signing a right-handed pitcher to the largest contract ever in the form of Max Scherzer. It took four years to deliver a World Series with Scherzer. 

By the way, that 2003 Yankees team lost in the World Series to the Marlins. There is no easy formula to success, but it helps building a great roster. We are at the point where sample sizes are getting larger, and we can project with a little more clarity with rosters.

In three days time, the Nats went from first place to last place in a tight NL East race. They must get back into the win column. At some point, the excuses have to stop because all teams are playing with some level of adversity, and you just have to win.

Tonight it will be New York native Patrick Corbin on the mound in his second time pitching at Yankee Stadium.  He has a 1.70 ERA in Yankees stadium in his only other start. His career ERA against the Yankees is 1.35.  If you believed the media rumors, it was the Yankees or Phillies who were going to sign Corbin before the 2019 season as the big free agent. Patrick’s brother, Kevin, in his best-man’s speech at Patrick and Jen’s wedding, was donning a Yankees cap, and wishing his way that his big brother should be pitching for the Yankees, but thanks to the Lerner ownership group out-spending the Yankees and Phillies for Corbin’s services, he became a Nat and a World Series champ.

Pictured is Kevin Corbin delivering a best man’s speech while wearing a Yankees cap; photo screengrab from Jen Corbn’s social media

Today, you will get to see Corbin on the mound as a Washington Nationals player facing his favorite team from his youth in Yankee Stadium. You have to think that Kevin Corbin is a die-hard Nats fan now.

The Yankees will pitch a righty, Jameson Taillon, in this game. Because this is in an AL city, the Nats will be able to bat Juan Soto as a designated hitter in this one.

Washington Nationals vs. New York Yankees
Stadium: Yankees Stadium, Bronx, New York
1st Pitch:  7:05  pm EDT
TV: MASN2, YES Network, MLB Network (out-of-market only), MLB.TV
Nats Radio: 106.7 FM The Fan; SiriusXM® ( Streaming Internet 869)

Line-ups subject to change without notice:

Graphic from the Nationals social media

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