Wager to Win: Prop Betting Guide for Any Kind of Sport; Where are the Nats odds?

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If you are a good picker, sports betting is such a fun way of earning money while enjoying the game. Legalized gambling has opened in Virginia and Washington, D.C. via apps. In the playoffs or championship games in many sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer, each sport’s wager is one of the highlights, and is most anticipated by the casual and expert bettors.

There are different options to bet in any sport. Bet the over/under on how each team in the NL East will fare against the current win totals: Atlanta 92, NY Mets 89, Nats 84.5, Phillies  81.5, and Marlins 73.5. Bet a team, bet a player, bet on an MVP candidate, a World Series team winning bet like the Nationals today would be +3500 (bet $100 to win $3,500 or $10 to win $350) , or even you could bet who will hit the first home run in a game. One of those is prop betting. Prop bets turn out to be random bets to bring out the fun, especially for casual bettors. But there are also expertly made bets by observing team stats to win. Prop betting can be intellectually challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

Check out this prop betting guide for any kind of sport to start your journey on earning money on this betting type.

The Prop Bet

A proposition bet, ‘prop bet’ or ‘Specials’ in short, is a special betting type wherein your bet is placed on anything other than the betting lines such as the moneyline, the spread, and the game totals. Its focus is on the specific scenario in the event, and individual players or sometimes the team, depending on the betting site.

Few examples of prop betting include:

  • what team will score first in the World Series
  • which quarterback will gain the most passing yards in the NFL’s Super Bowl
  • how many goals will there be in the first period of the NHL championship
  • what the score will be on the first inning in MLB, and
  • if there will be a head-butt in this season of MLS.

The prop bets’ effects are independent of the actual game’s outcome if the team wins or loses. This wager’s whole point is that it is more on the obscure events, scenarios, and facets of the certain game.

Fun Prop Bets and Skill Prop Bets

There are two categories for prop betting: the fun and the skill.

The fun prop bets are literally just fun bets. They do not require any mind-challenging strategies to win here unless you got a piece of inside information on the game. Few examples of these are the funniest and weirdest prop bets in the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, skill prop bets are the opposite of fun bets. Here, you will need the knowledge and skills in making educational predictions to win here through maths and analyses.

Both of these categories are mashed up together, making them not neatly organized and indicated for most of the betting sites. Thus, it is important to know each difference: if the bet is just for pure fun or needs thinking abilities.

Common Prop Bets in Sports

For the NBA, the most common prop bets focus on the statistics and metrics such as points, rebounds, blocks, assists, turnovers, three-point shots, and fouls per match. In team props, there are free throw attempts and shooting percentages. You may also consider free NBA picks to make up your bet properly.

NFL games, especially in Super Bowls, player props are more common, including rushing yards, touchdown passes, etc. But these can also be applied to team props. Overall, the major props that bettors like are the passing, rushing, and receiving props.

The most known prop bets in NHL are the goals, assists, and saves. Penalty minutes and ice time are famous prop bets, too, in other game statistics. The more obscure ones include the player to set a goal first, team assist numbers, and faceoff wins.

MLB also has its common prop bets like the earned run average (ERA), home runs, stolen bases, hits, strikeouts, etc. All of these can be in the individual game performance, in the playoffs, or even in the whole postseason and regular seasons.

Meanwhile, there are long-term and short-term props in MLS. Long-term ones compose of win and outright win, reaching playoffs and finals, and award props. For the short-term, there are goals, first goal’s time, team who scores first, and others.


Prop bets enhance your flexibility in wagering. Since prop betting focuses on specific events and scenarios, every piece of knowledge you gain there can be used to your advantage. Aside from that, the bets on win-lose and outright winner are pretty competitive and limited.

Prop bets also are a great intro for the game. See how people get the nervousness and excitement out of just the Super Bowl’s coin toss? That kind of anticipation can introduce others, particularly beginners, into this field.

Lastly, prop betting profitability is the number one benefit. When you already know the team or player is going to win, you can place your bet on it. But with a prop bet, you can bet on the specific way on how the game will end. Make more money out of your game wits.


Making bets on the traditional final outcomes of the win-lose team is now getting dull. This betting type has been the practice ever since. However, with prop bets, they can make your sports gambling experience more interesting and entertaining without losing the benefit of gaining money.

Aaron Franks is a full-time sports writer and enthusiast located in the Bronx. He keeps diehard sports fans up-to-date with the latest news and trends. During his free time, Aaron enjoys playing basketball with his older brother. Aaron really loves comeback and underdog stories, as they reflect some of his own personal struggles as a teenager.
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