Why not re-live all 105 Nats wins from 2019? The MLB.TV library is open!

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As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on life as we know it, “live” baseball is still off in the distant future. We all want “live” Nationals baseball, and that will happen at some point in the future. But in the meantime, we cooked up an idea that we thought had some merit. Why not take the 93 regular season wins of the Nats from the historic 2019 season and play each game in chronological order 1-to-93 followed by the 12 postseason wins, and you have 105 games to broadcast. That is exactly 3 ½ full months of games. This seemed like a great idea, and we tweeted it out a few times and TalkNats writer, Erika C., also tweeted it out. I personally contacted an executive at MASN who said he would run it up the chain. That was weeks ago. Crickets since. Maybe MASN will do it, but why wait for them. MLB has opened up their archives of games on MLB.TV for free. We can start on Monday with Win #1 from March 31, 2019 at 6:30 pm. 

Long before this idea came to be and this COVID-19 virus, we were touting the Nats 105 wins. Cool custom GIF too that I created!

Now we can start counting them down, and this will give us baseball into early August if MLB is not playing by then. In the meantime, we can re-live each game and set the lineups and re-watch the building blocks of the 2019 season win by win.

By the volume of “likes” and retweets, it seems like there is enough interest to make it work, and it is better than nothing. While we understand that this idea is not for everyone, it hopefully will be something that seems organized that we can do together. And by the way, the Nats are still the reigning World Series champs!

This is how easy it is. Click here to watch Nats win #1 on MASN via MLB.TV. Test it out. Here is the link to win #2 and that is how we will do it starting on Monday. Who’s in?

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