Our alternate universe of a Washington Nationals “Opening Day” is the Wild Card game on MASN!

Open Day graphic by Steve Mears

We were all supposed to be awake now and preparing all of our senses for the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touches for Opening Day baseball in Washington, D.C. There is nothing like it as you approach the park in anticipation with all the pomp and circumstance for this special day as the smell of popcorn and half-smokes grilling waft through the air while fans are clamoring as they are lined up at the turnstiles to enter into our baseball paradise.  The weather report today is glorious for Nationals Park at 60°F and mostly sunny with a slight breeze and is the type of weather you hope for on an early Spring game.  This was the original Washington Nationals invitation to their fans for what was supposed to be a special Opening Day:

“Opening Day is Thursday, April 2! We will unveil our 2019 World Champions banner as part of the pregame ceremonies prior to our 1:05pm game against the New York Mets. Join us as we begin the quest to defend our title!”

Some of you have your pre-game rituals of preparing the perfect ensemble of clothing for Opening Day. For me, I am wearing it now, and it was what got me through the postseason last year with a Nats red “players” sweatshirt from the 2016 season and my red cap with the blue bill from Spring Training last year with the Capitol and block W. I know I’m wearing different underwear because these were 2020 purchases for Spring Training when it is out with the old and in with the new. Too much information? It is just how meticulous I am with my clothes and how I dressed with my superstitions through the 2019 postseason. I swore it was my clothes that made everything lucky.

While there is obviously no “live” baseball today due to COVID-19, we have to make the best of what we have. Maybe you can make a donation this morning to www.Nationals.com/FUND and Mike Rizzo is matching donations now. There will be a Tommy Show virtual get-together today via ZOOM for Nats fans that was organized by Kelly Collis who is Tommy’s partner on their radio show.

In my alternate universe today, I will be living in the past and watching the Wild Card game replay on MASN with some ballpark fare. The Star Spangled Banner must be playing on YouTube as the gigantic American flag is unfurled in centerfield. Play ball!

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