The NLCS experience is new for everyone!

The NLCS is new for everyone! This is so special for us Nats fans who have heard the team we follow as “chokers” for never winning a series (prior to yesterday), and told even in September that the Nats cannot beat the good teams. Guess what, these 2019 Nats proved all of them wrong including those in the local media who bet against them and were calling the game as over in the 4th inning. The NLCS is new territory for many of us. This will be the first best-of-seven series the Nationals have played in. The strategies are different, and fortunately manager Dave Martinez has been there before as a bench coach.

We hope the fans make it to Nats Park for NLCS. Game #3 at Nats Park is sold-out. There are still tickets available for Game #4 and Game #5 (if necessary). When we went on social media to figure out why the Game 4 of the NLDS did not sell-out, we hear theories that it was because of the weather (rain), a Metro train accident earlier in the day, etc, and we also heard from people who said they could not afford to go. Yes, that actually is a valid reason.

Two years ago we did a very successful GO FUND ME for Jude Oz and her family to attend some Nats games plus all travel expenses to Washington, D.C., and we wanted to do this again to help people like Roz “Chaco” Posley and others who have contacted us from the military and students who could not afford the $100’s it takes in total to go to a game and for the NLCS the cheapest tickets is for standing room only at $139 plus ticket fees and that is before transportation and a few bucks for a hot dog.

We want to raise some money send people who cannot otherwise afford it to this game.  If you have $5 or $10, just click on the link:

If you have tickets to donate (even one), let us know! Thanks as we know this will be a huge success!



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