If I had a flux capacitor and could change Nats history, I’d . . . .

The stove is colder than the weather in DC so let us have some fun with an open-ended poll.

If you had your own flux capacitor and could go “Back To The Future” and whisper just one thing into the ear of a Nat’s player, manager, coach, front office or owner, what would it be?

  • You can vote in the poll (at right) that has a few starter entries.
  • You can add your own items
  • You can vote multiple times
    • One item at a time
    • Wait an hour before you can vote again
  • Items should not specifically cite the game or issue, but what you whisper should make it obvious.
  • Please make sure to not add whispers that are different but about the same game/issue as current whispers. Those can go in the comment section.
  • No whispers that are of the I told you so nature.
  • No derogatory comments accepted.

The person who added the item with the most votes (excluding the starter ones) gets absolutely nothing but our collective thanks.


  • Looks like add your own (Other) does not appear until approved in PollDaddy. Sorry that this does not work as expected.
  • Proposed answers that are deemed to be consistent with the rules will be accepted on a random schedule.
  • The “Other” count represents answers not yet reviewed and added as well as answers deemed to be not consistent with the rules.

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