Free agent starting pitching, middle infielders, and relief pitching #Nats

If teams are looking for pitching in free agency, the remaining pickings are slim past Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel, and Adam Ottavino. There are some interesting bounceback candidates as well as some regression candidates, but there is usually one or two positive surprises every year. Finding those surprises can also be credited to analytics as well as some good fortune. Some would call it luck while others believe you make your own luck. Who will exceed expectations from the remaining free agents? 

The second basemen on the chart are comprised of a  long list of free agents. Picking from those players are much easier if you are picking from the top with the hopes of avoiding a regression candidate.

The free agent menu has many tasty options from the a la carte choices in column A, B, and C. The real trick is assembling the free agents on a limited budget. With the right combination from the middle of the choices, there could be a 3.5 WAR group of acquisitions for the taking with 5.0+ WAR potential.

Many think the Washington Nationals are waiting to make any moves until Bryce Harper decides on a destination so this could be quite the wait or the “many” could just be wrong and general manager Mike Rizzo is just waiting for his deal(s) to come to fruition.

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