“The Little Presidents” make hospital patient’s holidays a little brighter!

Catherine Ladd Little Presidents

When we last talked with Catherine Ladd, it was Halloween and we learned the backstory of the debut of “The Little Presidents.” Catherine Ladd also had some bold ideas for “The Little Presidents” to make some appearances at local hospitals to cheer up sick kids. This week, it happened as they visited the Inova’s Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia during the holiday and Christmas season.

“After about 6 weeks in scheduling, it happened,” Catherine Ladd said. “We were able to finalize a day, and the boys went to INOVA Children’s Hospital in Fairfax to spread a little Christmas cheer to the kids and staff who were there. It was a really great experience for our boys… and fun to see them put some smiles on kids and adults faces. They passed out wrapped fidget spinners and stuffed animals to the kids and family members who they saw.”

The staff at Inova’s Children’s Hospital loved having the boys walk around the unit for photo opts with many of the nurses too. They want to see if the boys will come back in the spring for their annual 5K race for charity to open the race for them. So fun!

“I think the best moment was when [The Little Presidents] visited a little girl who has been in the hospital for a few days,” Ladd said. “And one of the resident nurses mentioned that when she saw the presidents….’it was the biggest smile they had seen from her yet’… She was even doing the dab with the boys.”

It was a good afternoon. Ladd’s sons definitely walked away with the real meaning of what the holidays are all about which is “giving”. It’s the season of giving and these boys under the leadership of Catherine Ladd delivered to their promise months ago that they were going to “pay it forward” and they delivered.

“My older son said ‘mom… Everyone was telling me thank you for coming, and I was the one that was supposed to be making others happy today, but today I feel like they were the ones that made me happy’… Mission accomplished. The true meaning of Christmas was experienced. And best part of all — they all felt the same way.”

What a day for “The Little Presidents” and this will be an ongoing story with many more chapters into the future. Many thanks to Catherine Ladd and the boys!

Catherine Ladd Little Presidents Inova Childrens Hospital

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