Weekend baseball talk

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday in the retail world and MLB.com compiled a list of signings that happened on the day after Thanksgiving.

Here is the list of the Top 9 free agents on the tracker:

  1. Yu Darvish
  2. J.D. Martinez
  3. Eric Hosmer
  4. Jake Arrieta
  5. Lorenzo Cain
  6. Wade Davis
  7. Mike Moustakas
  8. Jay Bruce
  9. Carlos Santana

That list will change very quickly once Shohei Ohtani is declared a free agent and he moves into the Top 10. On top of that, where will the Atlanta Braves recently departed prospect Kevin Maitan end up after the Braves prospect scandal caused Maitan and other minor leaguers declared as free agents.

Don’t expect Mike Rizzo to show his cards. He does not do that rather he plays it close to the vest. When The New York Times asked general managers about the Yankees putting their managerial names out there publicly, Mike Rizzo said this about his own process:

“But I think we make our best decisions when it’s not nationally known what we’re trying to do.”

Rizzo has been successful operating in the cone of silence. Last year at this time, it was well known that Rizzo wanted a proven centerfielder, and the Nationals were very publicly tied to Andrew McCuthchen and their were some reports that it was near a done deal if the Pirates and Nationals could agree on the prospects in the trade.

On December 7th, Rizzo shocked us with the Adam Eaton deal which was never rumored. What you might not have read was the spin put on the Eaton trade from White Sox GM Rick Hahn. The White Sox traded Chris Sale and Adam Eaton quickly and is it any surprise that Rick Hahn is rumored to be looking to trade Jose Abreu now?

With the free agent and trade market moving slowly, the deals so far have mostly been the minor league deals and the wranglings that go with Rule 5 moves. So here we are, sitting and waiting as the Winter Meetings are 16 days away. The Hot Stove is just warming up and we will see if anything happens this weekend. Peruse through this list of Top Hot Stove Bargains compiled by Richard Justice and see if you notice Howie Kendrick‘s name on the list.


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