My Top Ten Favorite Games of the 2017 Season

My Top Ten Favorite Games of the 2017 Season

By Alex Ross, Age 9

I am sad the Nats’ season is over but I had so much fun this season. I went to 34 games (that’s Bryce’s number!) and had fun at each of them. Here are my top ten moments of the 2017 season.

  1. Trea Turner 4 stolen bases

On June 27, I got to see domination!!!! Trea Turner had 4 stolen bases and Michael A. Taylor had 2. The Nats won 6-1. Also, Scherzer was great and got the win!!!!! It was so bad for the Cubs they got rid of their catcher because he insulted Jake Arrieta after the game 🙁


  1. Starting lineup tunnel

On August 8th, my dad won an auction so me and my buddy Eddie got to high five the players as they ran on the field before the game. I was standing right by the dugout and the coolest part was that I got to have a 5 minute conversation with Edwin Jackson!!!!!!!!!! I told him he was awesome and he told me I was awesome and we kept going back and forth!!!!!! It was so awesome. It was not a very good game but I did get to see Giancarlo Stanton crush a homer.


  1. Opening day

On April 3rd, I went to my 1st Nats game of the season. They won the game 4-2 and Strasburg had a great pitching performance. Also, Treinen had a great ninth and Adam Lind was the star of the game because he had a pinch-hit homerun. It was so much fun and it was good to see some Nats baseball again.


  1. Howie Kendrick game

On August 15th, I went to another Nats game with a sign that said “This Is Howie Do It”. I made that sign because he hit a walk off grand slam the night before. I think the sign was good luck because Kendrick had 2 homers that night!!!!! It was awesome and I was on TV a lot during the game and after the game with my sign.

  1. Trea Turner camp

On June 24th, I got to go to a one day camp with Trea Turner. It was so much fun!!!!! We got to do some fielding drills, pitching and catching drills, and we got to do some hitting in batting cages. We even learned how to throw the circle-change from college ballplayer coaches!! Also, that day Trea Turner had 5 hits in the game against the Reds, so maybe he wanted to do extra well after meeting us!!  By the way, I used that circle change in my game this week!!

  1. Trip to Citi Field

On June 17th, I took a trip with about 175 other Nats fans to New York to see the Nats play the Mets. It was awesome. Trea Turner led the game off with a homerun and the Nats won the game 7-4. We were happy on the ride home!!!!


  1. All star weekend

I got on a plane with my dad to go to Miami for All-Star weekend. That weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. My favorite part of the weekend was the home-run derby because there were a lot of my favorite players participating and I was happy that Aaron Judge won.  He was crushing the ball behind us a lot. The AL won the All-Star game and I was holding a sign that said “Unleash the Natitude” and had all of the Nats players on it that were in the All Star Game.  I can’t wait for next season when the All Star Weekend will be in Washington. Victor Robles played in the All Star Futures game.

  1. 23 run game

On April 30th, I went to the Nats game with a sign that said “Unleash the Natitude.” I think the sign worked because they beat the Mets 23-5 and Anthony Rendon had 3 homers and 10 RBI’s!!!!!!!!!  When I got home, I saw that they put me on SportsCenter with my sign!!!

  1. Easter Sunday

On April 16th, I got to dress up as Little Screech because it was Screech’s birthday and they picked me to wear the costume. I had so much fun doing it especially when I was doing breakdancing on the field and when I dabbed at Cesar Hernandez.  It was also the game that Bryce Harper hit the walk-off home run. I am still mad at my sister because at that game my sister was not feeling well so we had to leave right before Bryce hit the walk-off homer.  But, it was a great game!!!


  1. Stolen base and Stras complete game shutout

On August 30th, I went to the Nats game with a sign that said “The Stras-inator”. I think my sign worked because Stephen Strasburg pitched a complete game shutout and had a homerun at the plate!!!!!! Also, I got to run out onto the field and steal second base!!!! I got to do that because we are season ticket holders and our rep let us do it.  It was so much fun!  Also, at the end of the game when we were leaving, the cameraman got me and my sign on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People were recognizing that I was the person that stole the base and had the sign and were cheering at me as we were walking out of the stadium. This was my favorite game of the year.

Those were my 10 favorite games of the 2017 regular season.  That was this year and I can not wait for next year (when we win the world series 🙂  )!!! Go Nats!!!!!!

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