Operation #FlyTheCurlyW and wear red tomorrow night!

We have learned that Chicago Cubs fans attending the Nats game tomorrow plan to bring their “W” flags to the game to wave for the cameras. There has been many on-line discussions that they are actually waving the 1924 Washington Senators block W logo as worn on the sleeves of the players from that World Series winning team which is kind of ironic. The block W was the original logo of the Washington Senators and was used in different fonts until the Curly W was introduced.

What we are hoping is that Nats fans can bring Curly W flags and/or construct Curly W signs especially if you are sitting in the lower bowl of Nationals Park. With any luck you will block out obnoxious Cubs fans who want to get on camera.

Please spread the word to your Facebook “Nats” groups, Twitter friends, and get Nats Park supporting the Curly W and don’t forget to wear “red” clothes tomorrow! Go Nats!

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