Trea Turner is doing a camp to teach baseball to kids!

Trea Turner was featured on MLB Network’s kids-focused show “Play Ball” last Saturday, and you can still watch the full 22 minute show on this link. Now, Trea wants to take it a step further and do a camp with young Nats fans who are eager to learn directly from him. The owners of TalkNats are taking this initiative to teach kids about baseball a step further and sponsoring a camp on Saturday June 24th at Georgetown University’s stadium in Washington, D.C., and Trea Turner will be one of the celebrity instructors along with former Nats’ pitcher Mike O’Connor and Georgetown’s head baseball coach Pete Wilk plus others.

Tickets to the camp are extremely limited and can be purchased at reduced amounts on this link here.

Below are links to one complete segment and a clip from another featuring Trea Turner for your reference on Play Ball:

 “Well, the thing I learned real quick was if you mess up out [in centerfield], it’s multiple runs, multiple bases,” Trea Turner said on his segment of Play Ball. “If you mess up at shortstop, it’s probably one base, maybe one run. That’s something I never put into perspective.”

On turning a doubleplay, Trea had this to say:

“If [Daniel Murphy] likes to flip it up there, [Stephen Drew] likes to throw it hard, whatever is fine with me as long as we’re getting a good feed and turning as many double plays as we can.”

On Trea’s thoughts of pitching:

 “I’d like to pitch. I think my arm would probably explode, but I’d love to throw a couple innings and let it loose and see what I’ve got.”

On having fun, Trea said:

“Have fun. I enjoy it. I enjoy practice, I enjoy putting the work in and I enjoy playing the game. It’s fun for me and not everybody has fun playing it. Some people play for different reasons, but I think it’s hard to play every single day and for a job if you’re not having fun. So enjoy it and do whatever’s fun.”

Here is a video of some previous Washington Celebrity Sports Camps™ with Wilson Ramos, Gio Gonzalez, Ross Detwiler, Chad Cordero, and others:

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